Every touch has a memory

Scaling to the largest digital conference in Caucasus

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Touch - digital summit



Touch is the first, annual large scale digital conference, where people share their knowledge and experience, where ideas are born and where the sparkle of inspiration transforms into the wave of progress.

Touch Digital Summit focuses on how digital key strategies, trends, harness technology improves today’s global world. And all together we discuss and answer the questions posed by the Digital and Social Revolution we are living through.

Our mission was to create the visual identity of the brand that would be the combination of new technology and education, minimalistic but broad, young but experienced

The first event was held in Tbilisi national Library, where the 6 speakers from international companies shared their experience to the Georgian audience of 150 people

As time went by, the summit started to grow and transformed to the largest digital event in the Caucasus region with 40+ speakers, 20 digital startups, 40+ investors, 2 stages, 1000+ attendees.

Every touch has a memory- every event is unique by its location, speakers, attendees, and vibe. Whether it's an underground club or a library, whether you are dressed in a suit or in a t-shirt, whether you are investor, startuper or just curious about what is going on there, just go, its always worth it.

Let's create something great together

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