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Time - Watches and Jewelery



The company carries a versatile range of fashion, sport, classic, glamorous and contemporary wristwatches, and jewellery. Boasting a wide portfolio of watches for men and women. Our mission was to visualise the lifestyle of the Time brand, which actually consists of more than 30 international brands with different values, price segments, and vision. So we decided to solve the task by creating 4 characters with different personalities, professions, interests, looks, etc.

The video was created for markets of Belarus, Georgia & Armenia. Thus the actors and venues were selected carefully to make the brand market integration easy and organic. The main actress of the commercial is the brand ambassador of Time Watches and jewellery, famous fashion model and influencer Tako Natsvlishvili.

Producer: Valerian Gegidze
Creative Director: Beka Kvartskhava
Director: George Tkebuchava, Dima Konjaria
Costume Design: Tato Oragvelidze
Sound Design: Dima Konjaria
CC: George Tkebuchava
Make Up: Anna Gadelia
DoP: Giorgi Shakaia

Tako Natsvlishvili,
Natalia Tugushi
Salome Epkhoshvili
Davit Eristavi

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