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Awareness campaign for new gadget marketplace

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The largest online catalog of tech gadgets and home appliances in Georgia. The company creates the marketplace for all players of the industry to sell its products on the platform, deals with logistics, payments and even provides online loan services for the purchase of the products.

Our mission was to deliver information about the company's innovative services to the Georgian market. We launched the social media campaign with colourful illustrations and engaging posts to increase the brand awareness of the company.

What's so special about the
- All the shops in one catalog
- A tool to compare the products
- Online loans for the purchase of products
- Free delivery across the whole country

We created the tech vlogs " Tips" to build trust among Georgian customers. In the episodes, our tech guy and video blogger Alex Rae makes detailed reviews of the gadgets and a good understanding of the product value compares the appliances with each other, and talk honestly about the pros and cons of the products.

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