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Top Notch Content Marketing Services For Startups And Small Businesses

Elevate your content with our content marketing services. Our team develops, writes, edits, and promotes custom (and search engine-friendly) content for your business. You can do everything from blog posts to white papers with Gegidze

Top Notch Content Marketing Services For Startups And Small Businesses
What Is Content Writing?

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format.

Such content can include blogs, video scripts, online guides or whitepapers, press releases, product descriptions, landing pages or social media copy, and more..

Simply put, content writers are the storytellers of a brand. They convey helpful, meaningful, and insightful messages to inspire an audience to take action, like purchasing a product or service

We Offer

Social Media Content Writing and Strategy

SMM is one of the most cost-efficient ways to drive more traffic and demonstrate your brand authority. However, some marketing specialists take online content strategy development for granted and miss the chance to connect with a broader audience. We do our best to deliver on-brand social media content that converts.

Content Strategy Development

There's no hard and fast rule regarding content strategy plan implementation. However, as a marketer, you must conduct comprehensive research and assess all your options to develop an intelligent website content plan that delivers measurable results. We ensure you have the right content for the right people on the right platform.

Ads Content

Whether introducing new products to the market, expanding your scope, or promoting enterprise events, our SEO content services can help you. We write compelling ad headlines, keep your copy straightforward, and include powerful CTAs to engage your audience when they're active online. We also run A/B tests to determine which ad copy resonates the most with your audience.


Do you want to launch newsletter campaigns? Let our content marketing agency increase your business's credibility with well-written newsletters that drive more robust engagement. We create several versions of your email content and run A/B tests to determine which newsletter version will drive more clicks and conversions. Our web content writer creates powerful CTAs and informative content to skyrocket traffic and sales.

Seo content strategy and optimization

Though keywords should refrain from dominating your online content, they still play a major role in your content management strategy. Our content writing company uses SEO keyword search tools to determine keywords with high search volume and identify their ranking difficulty and relevance.

Take advantage of our website content services and work with our SEO content writer experienced in creating SEO-friendly texts. Our content writing company understands how search engines work.

Blogging / Blog Posts

Build brand awareness and create more brand mentions from authoritative websites with helpful and relevant blogs. Our content writing company uses advanced keyword research tools. It performs thorough niche analysis to identify high-converting content ideas and create opportunities for social sharing.

Email Marketing Content

Utilizing data-driven expertise and promotional best practices, our content marketers create newsletters that engage and build your email list. Writers craft press releases and promotional emails to share information about brand updates, events, and campaigns across distribution lists using email templates that include custom illustrations and CTAs.

Service Page Content

We've got your back if you offer two or more services or specialize in specific areas of your niche market. Our content strategy team includes SEO writers with diverse industry knowledge, so you can rely on us to create top-notch content.

Our process

Initial Consultation

Before we start working on your project, our Digital Marketing team will e-meet with you to get to know your company and its objectives. Then, we will discuss your current content and your long and short-term goals. We will then recommend the best course of action based on the status of your existing content and ultimate goals.
During this session, we will also determine what type of digital marketing retainer best suits your content needs and budget.

Competitor & Keyword Research

Successful search engine optimization requires proper keyword research. We utilize various tools to find precise data on your website's best keywords and variations. We also use competitive analysis tools to see what keywords your competitors rank for to keep you ahead. Finally, we compile the best keywords and then use them, in conjunction with page content scanning software, to determine the current SEO score of your page.

Acceptance & Execution

Once your content is optimized, we will send it to you for approval. Once your review the edits and SEO scores before and after the optimization, we will implement the new content for you. So get your website fully optimized with minimal time and effort!

Past Content Review

Whether you do a one-time website optimization project or an ongoing ticket with copywriting work, we start by reviewing your existing content. Then, based on your industry, goals, and the state of your current content, we will identify priority pages for optimization.

Content Optimization

We utilize the research and understanding we have gathered thus far to optimize your content or write brand-new, fully-optimized content.

Reporting & Adjustment

Once your content optimizations have been implemented, we can provide a variety of detailed reporting on the performance of optimized pages.
We will monitor and adjust specific pages as needed to keep up with the dynamic nature of search engine rankings and your business. Want to start showing up for a new keyword? Changed the services you offer? No problem! We can re-optimize to keep your content fresh and fully optimized!

Let's create something great together

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Why SEO content writing services are important

Why SEO content writing services are important

Content marketing is a must for companies that want to reach their target audience with online marketing. The best content marketing services offer value even if your company operates offline. With a robust content marketing strategy, you can connect with audiences anywhere. That connection leads to several substantial advantages, such as:

Growing your business

Customers use the Internet for everything, from posting photos of their pets to finding products for their new homes. Besides, the vast majority of them use the Internet for researching services and products.

Online presence is vital. That's where content marketing comes in. With an intelligent content marketing plan and our experts, you can connect with consumers on a new level.

Growing your business
Building your brand awareness

Building your brand awareness

A brand is one of the most valuable things any company owns. It defines your business and contributes to the loyalty of your clients. It also influences their buying decisions, which is why building brand awareness is crucial.

With our content marketing management services, you can boost awareness of your brand among your target segment. Yet, it takes time to build brand awareness. That's why content marketing is a continuous strategy — just like search engine optimization.

Increasing your revenue

Another reason why enterprises invest in content marketing is to increase conversion rates. Our competitive content marketing services give you a competitive edge in your saturated market. That edge helps your business earn more valuable leads and clients

Increasing your revenue
Reaching your target audience

Reaching your target audience

Nowadays, consumers have a massive amount of power. They can block ads on their browsers and choose which sites and companies they interact with. Unfortunately, that can make it challenging to reach your target audience via select marketing channels.

Our content strategy services make your business an online hub for your ideal customer. By learning about your target audience and researching their pain points and preferences, we build a competitive strategy that encourages them to read, interact, and share your content.

Our team will create a personalized strategy that includes the bottom-of-the-funnel content and middle and top-of-the-funnel content. That strategy helps you connect with users in the buying funnel's early, mid, and later stages.

Then, when your target segment makes their buying decision, they choose your company.

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