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Generate More Revenue With Our Email Marketing Services

Partner with Gegidze and turn your email marketing into a lead- and revenue-generating resource. Receive a full-service solution that includes developing, implementing, and managing your email strategy and measuring its impact on lead generation, sales, and earnings.

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What is Email Marketing, and Why is it important?

Simply put, email marketing refers to using email communications in a marketing strategy to reach specific business goals.

Emails can generate sales, enhance customer engagement (i.e., newsletters), acquire customers, create brand awareness, and reward customer loyalty.
For existing clients and customers, email marketing emphasizes communication and awareness. For potential customers, you can use emails to entice and attract an outreach campaign.

The most effective email marketing campaign is planned by modality, audience, and goals. For example, campaigns to onboard new customers, reengage inactive customers, or drive customers from lead to conversion have unique goals and approaches.

Connect With Your Customers On A New Level

Email marketing is fast, cheap, highly profitable, and the ultimate relationship and brand-building tool.

It enables your customers to consistently engage with you and your products, telling you exactly what they want in the data you harvest from their behavior. No other strategy compares to keeping the conversation going between you and your audience, and we’ll power and maintain this essential dialogue. Gegidze offers email distribution of:

Automatic event reminders

News and press releases

Online newsletters

Blog recaps

Personalized or targeted email messages

Upcoming sales or promotions


Our approach

The key to successful email marketing is understanding your audience’s needs. Our role as your Email Marketing agency is to use your existing customer data to create nurturing sequences which speak to your customer at every stage of their journey.

Our sophisticated techniques enable us to pinpoint each customer’s position on their decision tree precisely. Whether they need more time to research or are itching to convert, we will create a journey to develop their interest and power the return both you and they crave.

Success in numbers

Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff
CEO @ eBazaaris

</ When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication and a high quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves>

Let's create something great together

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The secret of successful email marketing campaigns


Targeting The Right Audience

Running a marketing campaign can be challenging when trying to reach multiple audiences. We suggest segmenting your audience by gender, age, and region. For example, small businesses may see a decline in email subscribers or conversions via email because of too many email blasts. To prevent subscriber loss, only send emails to those of the targeted demographic rather than all subscribers.

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Content Strategy

Instead of sending out emails whenever and wherever, potentially driving away customers, having a content map on hand will allow your business to monitor how many emails you’ve sent out. This map also makes it easy to view which emails were more effective for critical metrics like website traffic and sales conversions. Keeping track will show you what works and what doesn’t, making it clear where there is room for improvement

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Suppose you don’t send many emails but want your messages to be eye-catching. In that case, we suggest making the email blast simple and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of writing three large paragraphs on your offer, say it with graphics and something simple. Too many people quickly throw something in their spam folder because an email says too much. Don’t try to explain everything in an email; instead, make a landing page that the email directs readers to for more information

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Intriguing Subject Lines

Writing a technical subject line is boring; many will automatically move the message to their spam folder without even opening it. However, the subject line is the first thing your email recipient will see, so give subscribers and future customers a reason to open your email. For example, because customers typically sign up for email blasts because of discounts and promotional offers, incorporating a great sales offer in the subject line can be a great way to help further engagement with your content

Successful Email Marketing Is Simple

Email marketing is an inexpensive tactic that reaches as many people as a small business can hope for, and successfully using it is critical. Follow these simple pieces of advice, and your small business can run a successful marketing campaign with the touch of a button.

Do you want to leave it to the professionals? Gegidze offers the convenience of a full-service digital marketing agency, including effective email marketing management.

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