European Dialogue on Internet Governance event was held first time outside the Europen Union, hosted by The Ministry of Economics and sustainable development. We have been invited to create the Projection mapping at the event to represent the values of the country and Georgian culture to foreigner guests


Projection Mapping


Georgian Events



We decided to create the experience of digital tourism and show everything we love:

1. the Storyteller cube - which was visually telling the history of Georgia, starting from the winemaking 8000 years ago till the modern history of the country

2. We collaborated with the "Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet" to make the great  Georgian dances even more mesmerizing and unforgettable

3. Sound visualization - the installation was translating the Georgian words into English and showed the meaning of the word

As you might have guessed everybody had enjoyed and were excited about the visual show we have prepared. We even got the special from the minister of economics and sustainable development for the successful project.