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Hire Top Freelancers Remotely for Your Company Projects in Caucasus

A simple, reliable, and affordable service to hire top-qualified freelancers on demand for your Business growth

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Our remote hiring service

Our remote hiring service


allows businesses to hire freelance designers, web developers, software architects, and remote professionals from all kinds of fields.


Gegidze’s talents have experience working remotely on diverse projects and are fluent in English.

Talent pool

3500+ talents divided into 4 seniority levels, from Junior to expert, based on the years of experience

it tech services


< Full-stack Developer
< Front-end Developer
< Dedicated Mobile App Developers
< Back-end Developer
< Wordpress Developer
< Software Architect
< Cloud Architect
< Machine Learning Developer
< AI Developer
< IoT Developer
< DevOps Engineer
< Product Owner
< Business Intelligence
< Data Analyst
< Quality Assurance Tester

Marketing services


< Digital Marketing
< Social Media
< Search Engine Optimization
< Content Marketing / Copywriting
< Email Marketing Services
< Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
< Website Development for Your Business



< Graphic Designers
< VR Designers
< UI/UX Designers
< Data Visualization
< UX Researchers
< Mobile and Web Web Application Designers


Operations & Management

< Finance Product Managers
< Financial Analysts
< Business Analysis
< Startup Consultants
< Banking Consultants

Our developers, marketers and designers have previously worked on projects of


Why Choose Gegidze?


We test and verify freelancers and receive feedback from previous clients to help you identify time-tested professionals from different countries


Our dedicated managers work hard to resolve all of your queries over the chosen means of communication, no matter where you are located


We offer several payment terms and flexible agreements to enable you to work the way you want


We have one of the lowest costs in the industry, providing you with maximum value at minimum cost where you only pay for the actual work done

How to hire a freelancer with Gegidze?

Share Your Needs With Us

Communicate your goals, needs, and expectations with our hiring expert. On this stage, we will do our best to understand what kind of freelance talent you are looking for so that we can match you with one

Meet the Selected Talents

Within the next couple of days, our hiring managers will reach out to you and present several options of suitable candidates to choose from. The freelancers will be hand-selected from our talent pool or found via job openings

Enjoy The Outcome

Work with the selected professional on your project and take advantage of all the benefits

How to hire a freelancer with Gegidze

Let's create something great together

hire freelancers

Outstanding benefits of hiring freelancers for your business projects

Immediate Expertise

As a rule, independent contractors and top freelancers tend to be experts in their field. Moreover, it's essential because it requires less time training them. So while you may need to catch them up on your product and position in the market, freelancers should be able to start working on your projects promptly, if not immediately.

We encourage you to review where your knowledge gaps are, as this will allow you to determine what your hiring needs are. For example, suppose you lack technical web skills. In that case, you may want to hire a freelancer who updates your website monthly or hire someone on a several-month project basis to launch a service or a product.


Hiring a freelancer also allows you to save money as they are not subject to the same benefits, vacations, and raises as your permanent employees. But remember that some business functions require full-time employees. Therefore, this solution should not be used to save money and avoid hiring employees. As well, something to keep in mind at the end of their contract is that the freelancer may decide to increase their rates.

Hiring a freelancer or independent contractor might be a great way to employ the talent you need now while saving money and bringing workforce flexibility.

Quality Work

Building and nurturing relationships are critical for freelancers. And what's the most vital part of any business relationship? - turning in high-quality work.
While typical employees may be more sporadic regarding consistent quality, a freelancer's motor is always running high. That's because contractors rely heavily on repeat business to run their businesses.

Hence, they're uniquely motivated to provide stellar work and excellent turnaround times. Yet, of course, nothing is guaranteed for a freelancer, so they take nothing for granted. This outlook will only benefit your business.


Freelance talent offers your business flexible access to unique expertise at the proverbial drop of a hat.
Independent contractors are often available at concise notice to fulfill a sudden demand that your in-house team may not be capable of meeting. Additionally, freelancers are specialists in their fields and occasionally are adept at specific tasks. Sometimes, these freelancers can offer a service that no one under your current employer can provide.

Less Risks

As freelancers are not technically employees it dramatically reduces the risk your company may incur.

Risk reduction is enjoyed as freelancers can't collect unemployment insurance and are easier to terminate if they don't perform their job to your requirements. However, when you rely on in-house employees, you're "on the hook" for much more.

Fewer Responsibilities and Supervision

Freelancers help you and your team members avoid unnecessary problems, too. Independent talents usually require a low level of supervision. They've previously performed hundreds or thousands of gigs. As a result, they know how to approach a project swiftly and intelligently with little hand-holding—after all, their livelihood depends on it.
Additionally, payroll responsibilities for a freelancer versus an employee are significantly reduced. You aren't burdened with worrying over FICA tax withholding and other chores when you enlist the services of a freelancer.

Let's create something great together

Hiring and Managing Freelance Workers

Hire freelancers online with Gegidze’s staffing services and get your work done by professionals. We manage our freelancers and offer them benefits so you don’t have to

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