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23 July 2021, 20:00:00



Gegidze - Creative Agency with the Georgian Character, designed to develop and build great brands.
We help them innovate and outperform in the modern world. Since its foundation in 2017, we have already successfully realized more than 80 projects, earned $ 20M+ for our customers in Georgia and Europe. At our agency with 4 locations in Tbilisi, Berlin, Dublin, and Warsaw, we work with great passion every day to inspire our customers and solve various problems in marketing, design, tech & HR.

Currently we are looking for a curious and eager Middle Ruby on Rails Developer for an international project.


- 3+ years of experience in the industry
- Proud of your knowledge in Ruby on Rails
- Great written and verbal communication skills
- Language skills: English B2, C1


The project is a support tool for communication between technicians in the dealerships service and a customer to help exchange information about the car service process and expenses.
App is oriented towards providing exhaustive information about the condition of the car, service operations, parts, etc. in order to present customers an offer of service and allow them to choose between the options suggested by technicians.
* ruby 2.5.8
* rails
* nodejs 10.13.0
* postgresql + redis
* react + small parts in angular
* monolith app consisting of:
- 4 versions of JSON REST API written using different approaches
- bunch of integrations with external services
- web interface for several user roles
- periodical reports generators and statistics
- payment with stripe as well as using internal dedicated microservice (quik_pay)
* deployed in USA (4 instances = 2 web and 2 workers) and Europe (2 web/workers instances)
* CD on CircleCI using docker-compose
* workers communicating with FE using websockets (Pusher)
* twillio, onesignal, intercom, sendgrid
* communication with internal microservice quik_motor
* circa 50 models orbiting around master model `Job` - a car service request prepared in the process to be delivered to technicians and discussed over with customers
* lots of services calling other services, scheduling sidekiq jobs...
* several features that are switchable for target dealership as well as customizable in scope of environment using FlipFlop flags
* video storage and exchange using AWS S3
* bunch of notifications held by the system


- Become part of a growing and agile company and design your own working environment
- High learning curve through conceptually and strategically demanding project work
- Ability to work in large-scale projects with the best developers in the country.
- Team leader and team who are always there to support you.
- Be a part of the Startup Incubator Elevator, which is the perfect platform for you to use if you wish to launch your own startup or be a part of an interesting project.
- Outstanding degree of personal responsibility in an entrepreneurial environment
- Flexible working hours

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If that sounds just like you, then simply apply with your CV and send it to talent@gegidze.com In a second step, we would like to get a first impression of you in a 15-minute call to get to know you, so that you can completely convince us of you in an interview afterward! We are looking forward to your application!