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800 - 1000 €

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23 July 2021, 20:00:00



Gegidze - Creative Agency with the Georgian Character, designed to develop and build great brands.
We help them innovate and outperform in the modern world. Since its foundation in 2017, we have already successfully realized more than 80 projects, earned $ 20M+ for our customers in Georgia and Europe. At our agency with 4 locations in Tbilisi, Berlin, Dublin, and Warsaw, we work with great passion every day to inspire our customers and solve various problems in marketing, design, tech & HR.

Currently we are looking for an experienced QA Tester for an international project on a half-time basis (4 - 8 PM)


- At least 2 years of experience with testing websites or web based applications.
- At least 2 years of experience with cross-browser testing
- Experience with validating design consistency, for example:
- Inconsistent usages of margin/paddings or font-sizes
- Inconsistent line spacing
- Inconsistent messaging
- Ability to clearly communicate the found issues (in English) accompanied with screenshots.
Nice to have:
- Experience with using Browserstack to do cross-browser testing
- Experience with testing responsive websites, making sure everything looks good on all resolutions.
- Experience or affinity with validating designs
- Affinity with online advertising


You will be working with almost everyone on our young enthusiastic team. The advertising that is created is very diverse and as a result the test work is also quite diverse. We work for top brands like Rituals so there’s a big chance you will be
surprised by ads “in the wilde” that you’ve QA’ed!

As a QA tester you’re responsible for maintaining the high quality that our clients demand. Company creates advertising and each type of advertising has different specifications. It’s up to you to verify if the advertising meets standards on three levels: specifications, consistency and design.

Example of specifications are:
- Every ad clicks
- Events are registered correctly
- Roll over animations
- File size
- Backup images
- Duration of animation
- Amount of HTTP(s) requests
- Errors in code
- Countdown functionality (if applicable)

Examples of consistency are:
- All ads contain similar CTA / Messaging
- The way that elements/products ar displayed is consistent
- The way the ad animates is consistent
- Spacing between words / lines
- Consistent usage of colors and gradients

Examples of design are:
- Products are displayed correctly in each format
- Logos are displayed correctly in each format
- Persons displayed in photos are displayed in each format

Example QA tasks
1. Homepage Take-Over

Example of specific things that should be tested:
- Are all the area’s clickable
- Correct visibility of all elements in all resolutions
- Check if the file size is smaller than 5MB
- Check if the amount of HTTP requests is less than 100
- Check if the countdown is visible between the 6th of the month untill the 10th of each month (18:00).

2. Interscroller

Example of specific things that should be tested:
- Testing on multiple mobile devices / resolutions
- Are all the area’s clickable
- Is each frame of the stopmotion visible correctly

3. Banners

Example of specific things that should be tested:
- Is the animation not longer than 30 seconds
- Is there a animation on rollover
- Are all the text similar on each size


- Become part of a young and ambitious team.
- Challenging and diverse work
- Manage short and snappy projects
- No maintenance work on old codebases
- Outstanding degree of personal responsibility in an entrepreneurial environment
- Flexible working hours

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If that sounds just like you, then simply apply with your CV and send it to In a second step, we would like to get a first impression of you in a 15-minute call to get to know you, so that you can completely convince us of you in an interview afterward! We are looking forward to your application!