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Attract Leads With PPC Advertising Marketing Services

Reach out to potential clients and increase the number of quality leads with Gegidze's PPC Services. We use paid search to drive sales for your company. So whether you want to attract more customers, website traffic, or both, our robust PPC services will help you achieve your business objectives.

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What is Pay Per Click and how does it work?

PPC means pay-per-click, a model of online advertising method where the advertiser pays a fee each time their ad is clicked. You're paying for targeted visits to your company's site (or landing page or app). The cost is trivial when PPC works the right way because the click is worth more than what one pays.

There are numerous types of PPC ads. They can be made up of images, videos, text, or a mix. They can appear on websites, search engines, social media platforms, and more.

PPC advertising is different on various platforms, but in general, the process looks like this:

Choosing your campaign type based on your goals

Refining your settings and targeting (audiences, devices, locations, schedule)

Providing your budget and bidding strategy

Inputting your destination URL (landing page)

Building your ad

PPC advertising is different on various platforms, but in general, the process looks like this:

All platforms offering PPC advertising want to satisfy their users. Thus, they reward advertisers who create trustworthy, relevant PPC campaigns with higher ad positioning and lower fees.

So if you want to maximize your revenue from PPC, you'll need the help of professionals and are in the right place.

Explore PPC marketing services that Gegidze offers

We assist you in improving your company's quality score and generating more revenue with the help of the following:

Keyword Research & Analysis

Keywords are essential in PPC. It would help if you targeted the right keywords to ensure that your ad is shown to people interested in what you offer. This way, you confirm that no buck goes to waste. We can use advanced tools to predict your customers' keywords to search for your products. We also track and analyze your competitor's keywords to see what works for them. This information is used to create a list of target keywords for your PPC campaign.

Paid Search Advertising

Enlist our paid search agency's PPC services and position your brand at the top of search results. Thrive's paid search specialists optimize your ad targeting strategies, determine high-value keywords, develop PPC bidding strategies and track your ROI. These practices allow our PPC marketing firm to improve your Quality Score, CTR, and impression share.

PPC Management

With Gegidze's PPC management services, we can help you create and manage your PPC campaigns. We will help you choose the right keywords and target your desired audience. When your campaign is launched, we also monitor and optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure that they perform as optimally as possible.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, making it a very effective platform for advertising. Video advertising is a very effective way to reach prospects. People are more likely to watch a video than read an ad. Our PPC consulting agency can help you create targeted video ads to generate leads and sales for your enterprise.

Remarketing Campaigns

Target specific visitors and benefit from more cost-effective results from remarketing.

Our PPC management consultancy identifies your top-performing campaigns and creates remarketing ads for high-value customers. We tap into website visitors who have already expressed purchase intent. We set the optimal frequency cap for your remarketing campaigns to limit the number of times your PPC ads appear to the same person and reduce your marketing expenses.

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How a Pay-Per-Click campaign affects search engine optimization

It's natural to wonder whether Google's PPC efforts will neutralize organic efforts to boost search result placement. Yet you don't have to worry — especially when your chosen PPC company also offers a comprehensive SEO service. These two kinds of marketing services can work in harmony.

Gegidze's PPC managers help augment the benefits of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. For example, rather than waiting weeks or months for a newly optimized landing page to rank. Our SEM service can help you increase acquisition rates with data-driven pay-per-click marketing.

What are the different types of PPC ads?

Pay-Per-Click marketing can be immensely profitable when a suitable strategy is implemented, and the right PPC features are used.

It's vital to know each type of PPC ad available to your business and when you should use them. Once you have this knowledge, you can create a PPC marketing strategy that uses suitable campaign types to achieve your marketing objectives. A good PPC consultancy will take time to understand your business needs and tailor the PPC strategy to them.


Search ads

The most popular form of PPC ads is a paid search ad. It is the ad type most marketers use when experimenting with PPC. First, advertisers choose keywords that they want their ads to show. Then they tell Google Ads what ad copy to indicate when a user searches for their keyword. Eventually, they input the maximum amount they're willing to pay if the ad is clicked.

Video ads

The cons of paid video advertising over organic video advertising are that you can get your videos in front of people who need to be aware of your business. You can do the work to build an audience first.

Gmail Sponsored ad

Gmail Sponsored ads allow companies to advertise on Gmail. They can be created within Google Ads, which means advertisers with a Shopping, Google Search, or Display campaign can quickly expand into Gmail Sponsored advertising.

Display ads

Display advertising is another type of paid advertising where you advertise your product or service to people while they are browsing the internet. Display advertising differs from PPC search advertising in that with a Search campaign. Your ad can appear in front of users searching for your product or service. With Display advertising, the advertiser's ads appear in front of users who indicate that they may be interested in your product or service. Therefore, Display advertising tends to have a lower conversion rate than PPC search advertising. However, Display advertising often has much lower click prices than PPC search advertising.

Shopping ads

A Shopping campaign allows ads to show on search engines just like a Search campaign. However, unlike a Search campaign, Shopping ads contain a picture of the product being sold, the price, the title, and a product description. A Shopping campaign can be created by e-commerce businesses that have products and not services to sell.

Remarketing ads

A remarketing campaign shows ads to people who have visited your site previously. As the user has already shown some interest in your business, a remarketing campaign is a very profitable PPC campaign. Besides, it is often used to bring customers close to converting back into the sales funnel, upsell, or cross more products to your existing customer base.

Paid Social ads

Paid social advertising involves showing people adverts while browsing a social media website. Many paid social platforms offer PPC advertising services. Some of the more common ones are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, and TikTok.

Amazon advertising

Suppose you have a business on Amazon with many competitors. In that case, getting your products to appear in front of your buyers can be challenging. Thus, Amazon offers paid Amazon Advertising where businesses can use a PPC model to get their products in front of users searching for them.

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Why is SEM Important in Digital Marketing?

With an unprecedented number of customers researching and shopping for products online, SEM has become a critical online marketing strategy for increasing a company's reach. That's because most new visitors to a website find it by performing a query on a search engine

SEO vs SEM what is the difference?

The difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing is that SEO focuses on getting traffic from organic searches. In contrast, SEM focuses on getting traffic from organic and paid searches. Therefore, SEO and PPC are ways to market your business in search engines.


What is Pay Per Click?

PPC is an internet advertising model utilized to drive website traffic. An advertiser pays a browser when the ad is clicked. PPC is usually associated with first-tier search engines.

How do i budget for my PPC campaigns?

Estimate your PPC budget:Number of Customers (NoC) = [Revenue target / Number of sales periods campaign will run] / Average Sales Per Customer.PPC budget = [(NoC/ Sales Team Conversion Rate) / Website Conversion Rate] x CPC.Daily budget = Monthly budget / 30.4.Cost to advertiser / Number of Clicks = Average CPC.

How do i budget for my PPC (Google Ads) campaigns?

Google Ads calculates the budget daily. If you need to determine the monthly budget, multiply the daily budget by 30.4, which is the average number of days in a month.

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