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Meet our Partner | Maciej Matti Kawecki

Maciej Matti Kawecki

Business partner and a human bridge to the Nordics

Maciej is our business partner and a human bridge to the Nordics and Estonia. The ultimate goal of our collaboration is to find businesses in the geographic areas mentioned above that need help in today’s digitalized world.

Matti started his career as an engineer and eventually became a business developer establishing sales channels.

We hope that this interview will help you get to know him better.

- Tell us about yourself - Who is Matti Kawecki?

I am me. A Silesian from Wrocław in South-Western Poland, living in Berlin in Germany, working mainly in Estonia, now with Georgians. A bit complicated, but the more I feel European.

- What do you like about your job and the industry the most?

After a few years in the engineering industry, I moved to IT in 2009 and ran a few companies before and afterward, also my own IT agency where we worked on Windows Mobile applications. Betting on “tiles” was not the best decision from today’s perspective.

On the way, I noticed that many people want to become experts in their narrow niches, but a lot of value can be created by combining the niches into a bigger system. So “connecting” became my specialty.

IT is also nice because it's quite a frontrunner in company culture - you need to be a nice company, or else people can work in a better place the next day.

- What motivates/drives you?

My biggest driver is freedom - the pandemic let me be location-independent, and also the fun of building up business systems - setting bricks together and watching them work.

- How do you solve the problems of various companies, and how do they benefit from cooperation with you?

Sometimes I feel like a “solution broker” or a “contact dealer” - due to my entrepreneurial experience and consulting time, I see possible solutions to many problems quite quickly. The good thing is that I can recommend someone who can deliver a solution right away. Networking is essential, and keeping the trust of people is critical.

- How did we meet?

That was in June 2019. Many currently running things started for me in the summer of 2019, like my business connection to Estonia (I then started to consult in Enterprise Estonia projects). A common friend introduced Valerian and me to each other in Berlin.

- What made you decide to partner up with Gegidze?

With Valerian, we met regularly both in Berlin and at different conferences in the IT/startup world. I can say we have become good friends since 2019. I also recommended Gegidze Agency to a few partners of mine, and things worked out smoothly. So when Valerian recently asked me to join his agency, I had no reason to say no. Actually, it is exciting to see how a Georgian company has grown in the last years and now to see more of the internal processes behind it.

Maciej Matti Kawecki - Vako Gegidze
Maciej Matti Kawecki - Vako Gegidze

- What personal aspects can you share about our partnership and friendship?

- My plan is clear; both Valerian and I have daughters - my goal is to let them run the business in the future when they grow up.

- What opportunities and challenges of our cooperation excite you the most?

- For me, it’s a “connect the dots” game - many Estonian and Nordic companies are in need of good people that are culturally close and can deliver good quality work at a competitive price. So I can work on what I am good at - building up a working business system, a real win-win.

- Which challenges do you see in the European and Nordic markets currently?

- The times are currently challenging in many ways - downturn, inflation, war, problems with financing runways, and shortages of people. But every crisis is good to start new things - especially now it makes a lot of sense to look at the advantages that Georgia can bring to the table, good services, good people, and good prices.

- What are your expectations for the outcome at the end of this journey?

- It would be fun to have a glass of wine with Valerian in 20-30 years and to cheer for the way we will have gone since now.


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