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Meet Our Venture Partner | Mohamed Abdelmomen

Gegidze's Venture Partner In Estonia - Mohamed Abdelmomen

Mohamed is our venture partner in Estonia and a Technical Consultant with a multi-disciplinary background in technical team management. He is experienced in establishing R&D processes for various industries.

We hope that this interview will help you get to know him better.

Tell us about yourself - Who is Mohamed Abdelmomen?

Besides being a Technical Consultant, I am highly interested and enthusiastic about investing and entrepreneurship.

I can boldly say that I am an extremely hard-working person, and since I genuinely enjoy what I do, it makes working overtime even easier for me.

It's also because Technical consulting has been very impressive since it's never boring - you always work with startups with diverse and exciting products or services.

What keeps you motivated in your work?

What keeps me motivated is the continuous effort to learn and meet new people.

Despite not having decades of experience, the journey of expanding my professional network, gaining new knowledge, and experiencing diverse projects is what fuels my passion.

My drive comes from the joy of helping others and making sure the team, clients, and I are doing well.

What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Entrepreneurship, to me, is fundamentally about providing. It includes being socially responsible, fulfilling service duties, and ensuring the team's well-being.

Entrepreneurs carry the responsibility of keeping the business thriving, ensuring not only the success of their venture but also the welfare of those contributing to it. While social responsibility is essential, entrepreneurship is also about striving to achieve personal financial goals.

What aspects of our collaboration are most exciting and challenging for you?

Working together with Gegidze will bring a dual challenge and reward — expanding our professional and social networks. The challenge lies in the significant expansion - as we both grow, the more responsibilities toward individuals and businesses that we will offer our services.

Seizing new opportunities and enriching our network - also adds value to enhancing the services we offer.

What's the proudest moment in your career?

My proudest moment was transitioning from an engineering manager to a technical consultant. It demanded intense learning within a short period, and overcoming this challenge strengthened my belief in continuous growth.

The joy I felt was not only because I acquired knowledge but also because I was able to share it with others. Contributing to the collective growth of the community is essential to me.

Are there any new technologies or trends in your field that interest you the most?

The controversial among society but definitely a standout trend, I would say, is AI.

It's fascinating to see how it can save a tremendous amount of time. People increasingly rely on tools like ChatGPT, and companies are creating internal tools. This shift is freeing up time from routine tasks, allowing focus on more valuable and creative aspects of work.

It's a pretty promising technology, and I genuinely believe in its potential.

Any advice for someone just starting in your field?

My genuine advice would be to embrace continuous learning, expand social and professional networks, and fearlessly dive into new experiences. Even unwanted situations will give valuable lessons, shaping a deeper understanding of what is right for personal and professional growth.

What made you decide to partner up with Gegidze?

Deciding to work with Gegidze was driven by an innovative approach that improves efficiency - it excited me as it contributes to the overall efficiency and growth of the entrepreneurial community.

The idea of partnering up with Gegidze interested me, especially when I realized Gegidze not only speeds up work for these businesses but also saves costs without cutting down on provided quality.

Personally, it aligns with my goal of helping Estonia and the wider European startup community. Professionally, it offers a valuable chance to reach a wider network.


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