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Meet the team!

Gegidze Team

I am back again with my favorite topic, Our Team!

Today I started thinking about what this year brought to me and the first thing that popped into my head was this team and team members, so I decided to tell you about them, how amazing they are and how great it is to work with them every day.

A little background about us: we are a Creative agency, solving problems for clients in the design, tech, and marketing.

Meet the team!

For better understanding, our team is made up of talent and recruiting, finances and operations, Marketing and sales departments and of course not forget our talents.

Our people are also what defines our success. The Gegidze is a multicultural, close-knit team of industry experts with the right amount of enthusiasm when it comes to client projects. Our team has successfully crossed time zones and boundaries to operate in Europe over the past year. The Gegidze team takes pride in the work they have done and shares it with all members. It comes from the understanding that this team is strong and can overcome any obstacle.

We are committed to your success, and our staff is well-equipped to take your business to the next level. Our goal is to help your company achieve its business goals. We have a multidisciplinary team that can handle your next major pivot, no matter what it looks like. Mutual success is assured as long as Gegidze can work with clients who have big dreams and are driven to succeed.

Together we create a place where everyone feels welcomed and appreciated. We are different individuals with the same goal, and these differences unite us!

If you like what you are reading, say hello, communication is what we love.

Click here to get in touch with us. We are a friendly group and would love to hear from you!


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