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Social media marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of a successful marketing campaign. Whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector, our team will create and execute unique strategies to improve brand awareness and increase seasonal sales.


Our team uses unique methods to develop audience targets and allocation strategies. We help our partners navigate the unknown, solve their problems, find new opportunities, and expand their horizons with a team made up of professionals.


Social media services include creating multi-step strategies and funnels for each channel and then implementing them. We also create amazing designs and copies.


We are experienced, data-driven professionals who can help you reach all your goals with maximum efficiency.



The information gathered during the research will be our raw material for strategizing & creating your digital marketing campaign.


After gathering information during the research phase, we can start creating:

  • Objectives

  • Strategy

  • Plan


Once primary digital identities have been entirely created, we promote them. This means that relevant people will start to come to your primary digital identity.


After promotion and getting some data, we use digital technology to improve existing operating processes and business models


Analyzing digital marketing results is similar to looking at their outcomes. Analytics will be provided for both your primary digital identity and the channels through which the promotions were conducted.

Giorgi Kalandia Digital lead at Gegidze Creative Agency

Giorgi Kalandia

Digital team lead

Meet our digital lead

"Don't fear challenges, there is always a solution for everything. Even the craziest ideas can become reality if you always believe in what you do".

Giorgi is a professional with years of vast unique experience and a desire to share that experience. He has worked for numerous companies, in different industries, as a freelancer, and as a full-stack team member.

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