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social media communication content content creator digital marketing


Education Public Relations and Communications Services Non-profit Organizations

Professional Summary

Candidate brings a wealth of experience, with a notable focus on non-profit and international organizations, showcasing their expertise in communication strategy, social media marketing, team management, and digital analytics. In their role within a non-profit company, they were instrumental in developing and executing a comprehensive communication strategy. One of their significant achievements was the successful launch of a new social media marketing strategy. This initiative aimed to increase brand awareness and attract potential recruits and donors. Their responsibilities spanned social media planning, branding activities, advertising, content creation, and overall social media management. Additionally, they demonstrated proficiency in email marketing, web administration, copywriting, and content creation, showcasing a multifaceted skill set in the realm of digital marketing. During their tenure at Teach for Armenia, their role involved managing teams and shouldering leadership responsibilities. Furthermore, the candidate's experience in an international company provides them with exposure to a diverse and potentially complex global operational environment, reflecting their adaptability and ability to navigate different business landscapes. In terms of digital tools, the candidate has demonstrated hands-on experience with Facebook and Meta Business Tools, indicating proficiency in leveraging these platforms for marketing and communication purposes. Their familiarity with Google Analytics underlines their commitment to data-driven decision-making and the ability to extract valuable insights from digital metrics.

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Linnaeus University / Master's degree, MarketingMaster's degree, Marketing

2023 - 2025

Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III) / Bachelor's degree, Marketing/Marketing Management, General

2017 - 2020

French University of Armenia / Bachelors, Marketing | Public Relations | Business Management

2016 - 2020

Certifications and Trainings


Communications Consultant / Teach For Armenia

Sep 2022 - Present

Yerevan, Armenia

  • Launched a new social media series called "Dasamijots", which reached 320,000 views on Instagram and 250,000 on TikTok within the first month of its launch 

  • Managed the personal branding of the CEO, including oversight of all social media management

Marketing and Communications Manager / Teach For Armenia

May 2021 - Sep 2022

Yerevan, Armenia

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and attract potential recruits and donors

  • Managed the organization's online presence, curating engaging content for various social media platforms and resulting in a 20% increase in followers

  • Established strong relationships with media outlets to increase Teach For Armenia's visibility and media presence, resulting in a 35% increase in media coverage and launching two new series on leading Armenian television channels

Digital Communications Manager / UWC Dilijan College


Sep 2022 - Aug 2023

Dilijan, Armenia

  • Achieved record-breaking engagement and visibility by generating high-performing content on multiple social media platforms, including a single post with over 4,5K likes on Facebook, doubling followers on LinkedIn, and doubling the video content on Instagram

  • Successfully managed and enhanced the organization's website, catering to a considerable global audience, resulting in a 15% increase in traffic and user engagement

  • Produced and curated a newsletter with over 6,000 subscribers, delivering compelling content that consistently drove high open and click-through rates, fostering a stronger connection with the audience

Social Media Marketing Manager / iNexxus


Sep 2020 - Oct 2021

  • Managed the social media activities of numerous music artists from the US, Canada, and various regions worldwide, actively promoting their song releases and fostering broader audience connections

  • Provided clients with valuable social media recommendations and consultation, enhancing their online presence and engagement strategies

  • Tracked and reported the progress and performance of social media pages, posts, and ads, providing insights for enhancing strategies and outcomes

PR & Comminications Manager / Armenian Progressive Youth

Sep 2017 - Oct 2021

  • Led communication efforts of the organization, including oversight of its social media platforms, media relations, and multimedia production

  • Initiated and secured funding for Erasmus Key Action 1 projects focusing on media literacy, sustainable development, and employability

  • Provided mentorship and oversaw the allocation of daily tasks to local and international volunteers


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