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PHP Developer




Language skills

English B1


docker microservices laravel php


Investment Advice Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry Health Care Software Development Information Technology & Services Staffing and Recruiting

Professional Summary

Candidate brings extensive expertise to the table as a seasoned full-stack developer, boasting more than 5 years of experience primarily focused on PHP. In their development journey, they have showcased proficiency in Symfony, accumulating a year of experience with this PHP framework. Additionally, their skill set extends to Laravel, where they have dedicated 4 years of hands-on work. As a full-stack developer, they have worked on both frontend and backend aspects of web development, contributing to the entire application stack. This holistic approach reflects a comprehensive skill set that goes beyond backend technologies. Their familiarity with Docker highlights their understanding of containerization for seamless deployment and management of applications. For testing purposes, the candidate is familiar with PHPUnit, having 2 years of experience with this testing framework. In addition to traditional monolithic architectures, the candidate has ventured into the realm of microservices, gaining a year of experience. This indicates an openness to and proficiency in designing and implementing modular, scalable, and distributed systems.

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Bilkent University / Bachelor of Applied Science - (BASc) , CTIS

2011 - 2017

Certifications and Trainings


Backend Developer / Lancaster Solutions


Jan 2022 ‐ Jan 2023


  • PHP (7.4, 8.1)  Symfony(4.4, 5.4), Behat & Unit test,

  • 3rd party API’s, New Relic, Blackfire analysis tools

  • Microservice architecture, Docker, rabbit MQ

Senior Back End Developer / HRD Antwerp

Jan 2021 ‐ Dec 2021


  • PHP (7.4, 8.0)  Laravel (5.6, 8.0)

  • Rest API, AWS

Lead Developer / Doku Medical 

Jun 2020 ‐ Jan 2021

Istanbul, Turkey

  • PHP (7.2, 7.4) Laravel (8.x),

  • AWS, Digital Ocean, Rest API, 3rd part API’s

  • Docker Laradock, Jenkins

Mid. Backend Developer / JourneyApp 


May 2019 - Jun 2020

Palo Alto, California

  • Php (7.4) Laravel (6, 7.x)

  • AWS services, Node.js for web socket, 3rd part API’s

  • Docker Laradock, Jenkins

Mid. Backend Developer / BK Mobil

Jun 2018 - May 2019

Ankara, Turkey

  • PHP (7.4) Laravel (5.4, 6) & Symfony (4.4),

  • Docker, Laradock, Rest API, 3rd part API’s

Jn. Full Stack Developer / OgrenciyeGelir

Jun 2016 - May 2018

Ankara, Turkey

  • PHP (7.x), Laravel (5.4, 7.x)

  • Asp .Net Entity Frameworks,

  • Digitalocean, docker, larasail, laradock

System Administrator - Trainee / VeriTeknik I.T. Group


Jan 2016 - Mar 2016

Mobile Application Developer - Trainee / Rentiva


Aug 2015 - Sep 2015

Istanbul, Turkey

  • Hybrid mobile application developer - ionic, Angular.js

Accessor / Yandex


Sep 2014 - May 2015

  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Full-Stack & Backend Developer / Freelance Jobs

2015 - 2022

  • AskHey / Individual, Travel App - Laravel

  • Slibrary / Samsung Firm - Asp.Net

  • A special project for defense industry / TurkAI firm - Laravel

  • / FlatArt Agency - Asp.Net

  • OgrenciYe app / İstanbul Beşiktaş Municipality - Laravel


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