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Penetration Tester & Security Engineer & Cybersecurity Analyst




Language skills

English B2, French A1


cybersecurity mobile testing red team penetration testing API security/testing Web security/testing network security/testing


Manufacturing Defense and Space Software & IT Services IT Services and IT Consulting Software Development

Professional Summary

Candidate is an OffSec Certified Professional and brings a diverse background with a strong focus on red team penetration testing, particularly in the areas of web applications, APIs, and mobile applications. With over 2 years of experience, they have gained expertise in conducting various penetration tests on different platforms, including web, Android (2 years of experience), and iOS, as well as API security. In their role at InterProbe, they served as a red team penetration tester, where they honed their skills and conducted penetration tests across a range of platforms. Their experience extends beyond web and mobile application security to include network penetration testing. They have worked on Internal Network & AD Security, Wireless & RF Security, and Social Engineering assessments, showcasing their versatility and breadth of experience in cybersecurity. Overall, this candidate's extensive experience and expertise in red team penetration testing, coupled with their proficiency across various platforms and security domains, make them a valuable asset in the field of cybersecurity.

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Hacettepe University / Master of Science - MSc, Computer Engineering

Sep 2023

Ankara University / Computer Engineering

2019 - 2023

Certifications and Trainings

  • OffSec Certified Professional (OSCP) / OffSec

  • Internet of Things: Communication Technologies by University of California San Diego / Coursera

  • Linux Server Management and Security by University of Colorado / Coursera


Security Engineer / Roketsan

Jun 2023 ‐ Present

Penetration Tester | Red Team Engineer / InterProbe

Jan 2022 ‐ Jun 2023

  • I worked as a pentester in InterProbe.

  • I have conducted various pentest on Web, API and Mobile apps which are my main area of studies. Also lectured on Web Application Security, API Security and Mobile Application Security.

  • I have also worked with Internal Network & AD Security, Wireless & RF Security, and Social Engineering by conducting penetration tests.

Intern / Wicode

Nov 2021 – Jan 2022 

Ankara, Turkey

  • Worked in Angular/Ionic Framework for Web and Mobile.

  • Worked with Java in backend.

Intern / YD Software & Technology

Jul 2021 ‐ Oct 2021

  • Worked in backend development with .NET Core MVC and REST API's.

  • Learned microservice architecture and Domain Driven Design.

  • Also worked at system side with Ubuntu and CentOS


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