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React.js Developer




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Tailwind CSS Javascript typescript react.js HTML SCSS CSS


Document Management Investment Banking Management System Fintech

Professional Summary

Candidate has over 5 years of experience with React.js and TypeScript, having contributed to 5 projects across various domains, notably within FinTech and Telecommunication sectors. They have shown leadership as a team leader, demonstrating proficiency in collaboration and delivering high-quality results within tight deadlines. In a recent role, they optimized ReactJS and TypeScript for a Swiss FinTech website, integrating Tailwind CSS for comprehensive styling. Their versatility is evident in seamlessly transitioning between different technologies and frameworks like ASP.NET, Redux, and SCSS to address design deficiencies, enhance user interfaces, and improve overall website performance. They have experience in full-stack development, backend optimization, and incorporating localization features for better accessibility and user experience. The candidate's consistent commitment to excellence, adaptability, and exceeding client expectations makes them a valuable asset in software development projects.

Video of Talent



Misr International University / Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

2014 - 2018

Certifications and Trainings


Frontend Developer

Industry: Fintech

Nov 2023 - Present


  • Boosted website performance through the optimization of REACTJs and Typescript.

  • Applied the Tailwind CSS methodology for a comprehensive styling approach.

  • Addressed crucial design deficiencies, enhancing overall user interface functionality and aesthetics.

  • Tools: Jira · TypeScript · React.js · Figma · HTML · Git · Tailwind CSS 

Full-Stack Developer

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

Feb 2023 – Oct 2023


  • QESTIT's internal management system and intranet oversee employee data, processes, and documentation.

  • Upgraded the website by implementing a new REACTJs-powered theme seamlessly.

  • Conducted comprehensive design audits and effectuated strategic improvements for user experience.

  • Resolved backend issue by optimizing export functionality to Word documents, ensuring seamless document generation process and improving user experience.

  • Incorporated localization features, elevating accessibility, and guided crucial system functionalities previously absent in the system.

  • Tools: GitHub · ASP.NET · React.js · HTML · Git · Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) · JavaScript. PensExpert

Frontend Developer

Industry: Fintech


Oct 2022 - Dec 2022


  • Generated HTML content through the implementation of REACTJs with Typescript.

  • Established a modular SCSS framework, ensuring project scalability and consistency.

  • Improved screen responsiveness by resolving issues and optimizing display; enacted design tweaks for enhanced user satisfaction.

  • Modified data display to accommodate and align with specific system adjustments.

  • Tools: Jira · TypeScript · React.js · HTML · Git · Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Frontend Developer

Industry: Undisclosed


April 2022 - September 2022


  • Constructed small, effective micro-frontends and microservices utilizing ReactJS (Function components).

  • Constructed CSS files for seamless and responsive web design implementation.

  • Executed deployment of micro components to ensure production environment functionality.

  • Sustained and managed micro-frontends, emphasizing bug fixing and maintenance.

  • Tools: Citrix Workspace · Jenkins · Gitlab · Jira · React.js · Git · Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) · JavaScript

Frontend Developer

Industry: Financial Services


Oct 2018 - Dec 2021


  • Incorporated ReactJS (Class components) to implement HTML for enhanced functionality.

  • Generated and designed CSS files for consistent and visually appealing styling.

  • Translated design specifications into website screens, ensuring faithful implementation and functionality.

  • Developed Redux framework to retrieve and manage backend data, resulting in enhancing overall user experience.

  • Restructured phase II, transitioning to Typescript, and crafted universal SCSS files. 

  • Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Git, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Adobe XD, Figma.


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