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English C1

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Customer Support


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Professional Summary

Candidate brings over 4 years of extensive experience in customer service, demonstrating proficiency in various tools such as Freshdesk, Jira, and Intercom. In their prior role as a Customer Support Specialist at Nexus Group Enterprises candidate responded to customer queries via chat and email, provided information about services and promotions, and managed user accounts, including monitoring deposits and withdrawals. Active communication with internal departments for quick issue resolution highlights their collaborative approach. During their tenure as a Live Support Specialist at Evolution Global the candidate handled end users' queries in multiple chat dashboards, ensuring prompt responses. They also coordinated with Service Support Specialists, addressing live chat users about any service irregularities, and performed initial technical investigations based on game server logs and other systems. Their experience as an English-Speaking Customer Service Representative and Copywriter at Amazon | Villain Electronics involved assisting customers with purchased products, managing refunds, and reviews via various communication channels. Their role also extended to copywriting for advertising purposes. Candidate possesses a diverse skill set in customer service, with hands-on experience in various roles involving communication, issue resolution, and technical investigations.

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Ilia State University / Computer Engineering

#11 Public School  / Complete Secondary Education
2004 - 2016

Certifications and Trainings


Customer Support & Onboarding Specialist / YourCoach.Health


Dec 2022 - Present

New York, United States

Customer Support Specialist  / Nexus Group Enterprises | | Crypto-Casino

May 2022 - Feb 2023

  • Responding to customer queries in a timely and accurate way via chat/email 

  • Providing information regarding the services/promotions Fortunejack offers 

  • Managing user accounts, monitoring deposits & withdrawals 

  • Active communication with internal departments for providing quick resolution

Live Support Specialist / Evolution Global
Nov 2021 - Apr 2022

  • Handling end users’ queries in multiple chat dashboards and ensuring a prompt response.

  • Coordinating with Service Support Specialists and informing end-users in the live chat about any service irregularity. 

  • Performing initial technical investigation based on the information in Evolution Gaming Back office game server logs, Kibana and other systems.

English-Speaking Customer Service Representative, Copywriter / Villain Electronics (Amazon)
Feb 2019 - Feb 2021

  • Assisting customers regarding purchased products and their specifications, managings refunds, and reviews via Facebook chat/ Email/ Amazon Seller Central messaging service correspondence 

  • Copywriting for advertising purposes


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