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The story of our collaboration with Nexpay

Client: Nexpay

Industry: Fintech

Assembling a tech team for Nexpay - a leading fintech startup in the Baltics


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." — said, Helen Keller.

That's what makes business partnerships exceptional. And that is the case with our collaboration with Nexpay. We strive to do greater things together.

Nexpay is a business banking provider. The startup primarily works with digital companies like digital assets businesses, crypto exchanges, payment providers, law offices, forex brokers, and more. They solve the problem of access to modern and reliable financial services for the underbanked.

“Nexpay was created by a team of veterans of banking and digital assets. Our roots were also connected with the digital assets industry.”

said Sofian Berrahal, Chief Business Officer at Nexpay.

This startup understands digital companies and can serve them better than traditional banks. Nexpay supports all the EEA countries and selected countries outside of the EEA—see the complete list of the countries that Nexpay supports.

We at Gegidze are thrilled to work with such an innovative business and build the tech team to assist them in conquering new heights. Our Georgian talents, Giorgi and Levan, work at Nexpay as developers.

Take a look at our interview with Sofian Berrahal and get to know the company better.

nexpay sofian berrhal

What is Nexpay’s ultimate goal?

Our mission is to build innovative, reliable, and secure financial solutions for your business ambitions. Our strategic goal is to become the best B2B payment provider for digital business in Europe and, in the longer term, beyond.

What is the situation of the fintech market in the Baltics today?

We have an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license from the Bank of Lithuania, and our main office is located there. Overall there is quite a strong ecosystem, with Lithuania leading the way in terms of the number of fintech and the industry size. This strength is mainly due to the advanced regulation the government had set up and the forward-looking regulator, the Bank of Lithuania. We also have an office in Riga, and Latvia in general also has a sprawling fintech and startup scene. Overall I have high hopes for the region and think we will see many exciting companies and industries come from the region in the upcoming years.

What were the main challenges that needed to be overcome at your company? - Why did you choose to build a remote team in Georgia?

We are still growing rapidly, and often looking to attract new tech talent to our team. Compared to attracting the talent ourselves, Gegidze offers fast lead times, and competitive conditions when sourcing the talent from Georgia. The people we've worked with have all been super top-notch. The attracted talent is very experienced and collaborates well with our in-house development team. Since our team is split between the two offices in Latvia and Lithuania, then certain types of collaboration by default take place remotely, and an additional remote team is a good fit for us.

How did you first find out about Gegidze?

We were referred by a mutual business partner.

What made you decide to partner up with us? Which part of our service was the most appealing?

The possibility of getting set up quickly was appealing, as well as the local office available to the team to work from was a bonus. Gegidze made the whole hiring process smoother and easier than doing it by ourselves.

How would you describe our collaboration process? Its outcome?

The Gegidze team was very professional and fast in delivering the initial talent matches for our development needs, as well as later getting everything set up. So far, we have been very satisfied with our collaboration.

What are your plans for the future?

We are going to offer our customers a significant expansion of the product range with different payment methods, currencies, and other financial products. Gegidze and its talent pool is a valuable resource that we can tap to quickly fill the additional skills needed.


Gegidzes staff augmentation services were a good addition to our development team. The attracted team members fit in well with our team and are able to achieve our development goals. Overall the provided service was fast, the staff professional, and the rates competitive.

If you want to grow your team with top talents - get in touch.


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