Frequently asked questions


How long does the process take?

The process of candidate search and placement takes usually under 2 weeks

How does it work?

1. We identify the hiring needs in discovery meeting 2. Analize the job profile based on the meeting 3. Create different job offers 4. We search for the candidate in our talent pool and in our network. f 5. Screening and shortlisting of the candidates 6. Soft skills interview 7. Assessment center 8. Present up to 3 fitting candidates 9. Finalize contracts

Where do you source your candidates from?

Our candidates come mostly from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Belarus

What languages do the talents speak?

Our talents speak at least B2 English. We can also provide you with the candidates with the requested language skills

What kind of work can the team members perform?

Our talents have experience in: - Tech - Marketing - Design

Where do our team members work?

The talents work either in the home office or in our premises in Tbilisi, Georgia

How do I know if the talent is qualified enough?

We test the experience of the candidate and will present you with the top candidates for the final interview. Alternatively you can also test them on your side so you are able to take the right decision.

What hardware/equipment does the talent use?

The talents can work with their own hardware, or we can provide them with the i5-i7 laptops (windows or Apple). If you have a specific hardware need and our setup does not meet your requirements, you can either rent hardware from us or send your own hardware to our office in Tbilisi.

What about vacation?

The Georgian Labor law requires a minimum 24 paid vacation days per year, you can of course allow more. In addition, there are 17 public holidays in Georgia. You can choose to make talents work on public holidays.

Sick leave policy

In Georgia, the employer is obliged to pay the full salary during the first 40 days of consecutive sick leave, or total of 60 days during the 6 month period, after which the employer can terminate the employment contract. This makes Georgian labor code more flexible for employers compared to most EU countries.

What must be considered with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Our agreements and appendixes we provide you to give you the basis for GDPR compliance. You must also ensure that the data protection level prescribed by the GDPR is adhered to by your new talents. We can help to train them.

Do I have to take care of Georgian taxes?

Our service is all-inclusive one, which means that the rates we provide includes all Georgian taxes, pension fund, our agency fee and of cource the talent renumeration. So you do no have to worry about it.

Do I have to pay VAT?

No, you do not have to pay VAT

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a proper invoice with all mandatory information required in Europe. Your tax advisor will love us