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IT Virtual Zone Company (LLC) Services in Georgia

Take advantage of reduced income tax, eliminated dividend tax, and VAT exemptions - especially if you serve international clients.

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Virtual Zone in Georgia

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Pricing and steps

Step 1

Company registration


Required documents

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Company Charter

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Founders passport copies

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Company Founders agreement

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Step 2 

Apply for IT Company status 



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Enterprise registration data

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Legal & actual address

checked icon

Type of permitted activity

checked icon

Place of rendering services

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Date of sumbission of application & signature of authorised representative

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Step 3

Add-On services

Per request

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Office address leasing

checked icon

Translation services

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Apostille and notary

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Bank account opening

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Tax accounting and Bookkeeping

Additional Info:

You can add services based on your individual needs

Why Virtual Zone status in Georgia?

Financial/Operational Details
Without Special Status
With Special Status
Corporate Income Tax
Dividend Tax
Export Tax
Annual License Fees
Certification CostCertification Cost

What do you need to obtain
Virtual Zone in Georgia?

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Have an LLC registered right here in Georgia.

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Do most of your business with clients based outside Georgia.

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Maintain a physical office and staff in Georgia.


Be a legal entity with a focus on IT services or tech development.

Want to learn more about Georgia's IT tax heaven?

Zurab Aitsuradze

Zurab Aitsuradze

Finance & Tax Partner

Benefits of Virtual Zone Status

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Tax Efficiency

Enjoy 0% tax on profits derived from foreign sources, making it an ideal setup for software development, web hosting, and IT consulting firms.

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Global Competitiveness

Enhance your competitive edge in the international market with reduced operational costs


Ease of Doing Business

Benefit from Georgia's business-friendly policies, including straightforward registration processes and minimal bureaucratic hurdles.

Details for Georgia (Virtual Zone Status)
Type of company
IT companies providing services/products to foreign non-resident clients
Corporate Income Tax
0% on profits earned from supplying IT services/products outside of Georgia
Dividends Tax
5% capital gains tax on dividends when distributed to shareholders
0% on products/services delivered outside of Georgia
Property Tax
Exemptions available under certain conditions
Export Tax
0% export tax on exports leaving the Georgian customs territory
Requirement for Georgian-based IT employees
To benefit fully from tax rates, utilization of Georgian-based IT qualified employees is recommended
Revocation of Virtual Zone Status
If International Company Status (ICS) is obtained, Virtual Zone Status will be revoked
No annual license fees, simplified tax reporting, potential tax credits for certain expenses
Simplified administration and no need for a local director
Physical Presence
Not necessary, the company can be managed remotely
100% foreign ownership allowed


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Gegidze is a great partner to work with! The team is always accommodating, responsive and sensitive to our and our talents' unique needs. They truly embrace collaboration and we are happy to have them on our entrepreneurial journey!

Marina Borukhovich

Marina Borukhovich


Flag of USA


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When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication, and high-quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves.

Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff


Flag of Germany


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it’s never just the product or the service, it’s the people behind it. We’ve had great communication between our internal teams and Gegidze. We’ve found that our cultures, values and ideas are often similar and that makes it easy to communicate in the best way.

Maria Eelmets

Maria Eelmets

Talent Acquisition Lead

Flag of Estonia


What we offer

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Expert Guidance

Our team guides you through every step, from figuring out if you're eligible to getting your LLC set up the right way.

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Tailored Solutions

We offer customized solutions based on your business model, ensuring you get the most out of your Virtual Zone LLC.

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Ongoing Support

From initial setup to continuous compliance, we are your partner in navigating the Georgian business landscape.

Have more questions about the tax benefits?

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How it works?


We manage company registration paperwork


We handle the application process for IT Virtual Zone status


We take care of document legalization


You secure the virtual zone status and operate with full compliance


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Georgia's Virtual Zone Status (VZS) is a tax incentive program established in 2011 to foster the growth of the country's information technology sector.


What exactly is the Georgian Virtual Zone?


Who is Eligible for Virtual Zone Status?


How do I get Virtual Zone status for my IT company?


What are the specific tax advantages of a Virtual Zone company in Georgia?


How long does it take to get Virtual Zone status?


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