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Register as an (I.E.) Individual Entrepreneur in Georgia Tbilisi

Georgia's Small Business / Individual entrepreneur Status could mean paying as little as 1% of your income

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I.E. Registration


Required documents

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Passport copy

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Other Company Types


Required documents

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Company Charter

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Founders passport copies

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Company founders agreement

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Add-On services

Let's talk

Per request

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Office address leasing

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Translation services

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Apostille and notary

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Bank account opening

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Tax accounting and Bookkeeping

Additional Info:

Other documents might be requested but not required

Georgia has one of the
LOWEST TAXES in the world

Georgia offers a winning combination of stable economy and streamlined procedures

Gross Turnover (GEL)
Tax Rate
Additional Information
Up to 30,000
No VAT applicable
30,001 to 500,000
VAT registration not required
Above 500,000
VAT registration required

Register as I.E in Georgia

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No more high taxes & boring paperwork


Everything’s clear and above-board​

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Get expert help whenever you need it 


Details for Georgia (Individual Entrepreneur)

Type of business entity

Individual Entrepreneur (IE)

Registration options

Micro Business, Fixed Taxpayer, Small Business (Freelancer)

Popular structure

Small Business (Freelancer Status)

Annual turnover allowance

Up to 500,000 GEL (possibility to exceed)

Taxation burden

Progressive rates:

  • 0% up to 30,000 GEL;

  • 1% for 30,000–500,000 GEL;

  • 3% if exceeding 500,000 GEL with VAT Registration

Tax on gross turnover


VAT on foreign services

0% (exemptions apply)

Residency or citizenship requirement


Possibility of obtaining a residence permit


Employee hiring restriction


Remote registration option


Timeframe for registration process

From 1 up to 4 weeks, depending on the time of the month

Bank account opening requirements

Not specified


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Gegidze is a great partner to work with! The team is always accommodating, responsive and sensitive to our and our talents' unique needs. They truly embrace collaboration and we are happy to have them on our entrepreneurial journey!

Marina Borukhovich

Marina Borukhovich


Flag of USA


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When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication, and high-quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves.

Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff


Flag of Germany


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it’s never just the product or the service, it’s the people behind it. We’ve had great communication between our internal teams and Gegidze. We’ve found that our cultures, values and ideas are often similar and that makes it easy to communicate in the best way.

Maria Eelmets

Maria Eelmets

Talent Acquisition Lead

Flag of Estonia


What we offer

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IE Formation & Registration
in Georgia

Simplify your Georgian launch with our expert guidance. We'll help you choose the right structure, handle filings efficiently, and ensure compliance with local requirements.

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Banking & Financial Services

Optimize your finances in Georgia. We assist with bank selection, simplify account opening, and offer strategic insights for tax planning.

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Legal & Compliance Support

Ensure your business thrives in Georgia. We provide expert legal advice, handle licensing and permits, and keep you updated on changing regulations.

Start Growing Your Business Today

Tornike Chkhikvadze

How it works


A discovery call to learn more about your goals


We set up your I.E. (small business) remotely and handle the confusing paperwork so you don't have to


We take care of your monthly tax accounting and bookkeeping


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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on hiring employees remotely in Georgia for 2024. As the world of work continues to evolve, remote hiring has

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We have got something that’s going to change the way you think about hiring, ever imagined finding the perfect team member as easily as shopping online?

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Are you a business looking to expand your operations in the Caucasus region? Companies explore new opportunities in different areas as the global market becomes increasingly interconnected.


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What types of activities qualify for preferential tax treatment?


How to register as an individual entrepreneur in Georgia?


What are the common business structures in Georgia


What is the registration timeline?


Where to get expert support?


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