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Pioneering Health and Wellness: YourCoach Health Triumph with Remote Team

yourcoach health


Customer Details: Founder and CEO - Marina Borukhovich, Co-Founder and COO Eugene Borukhovich.

Customer Name: YourCoach Health

Industry/Category: Health & Wellness, Digital Health

Product/Service Used: Outstaffing and Employer of Record Services 

Result: In-house product team


Back in 2019, when I moved to Berlin, my mission was to expand my network with entrepreneurs and tech founders. That's when I stumbled upon Eugene's profile on LinkedIn. His venture into health and wellness intrigued me; it was a field I was eager to explore. So, I started following his journey, keen to see where his innovative ideas would lead.

The Connection

Fast forward to three years later, Eugene reached out to me aiming to expand the team with talents from Georgia for his growing startup, run alongside his wife and business partner, Marina. I was thrilled, not just because of the opportunity, but because Eugene had been following my posts on LinkedIn, but without engaging with them.

Marina and Eugene Borukhovich

The Challenge

Marina and Eugene’s startup was in a critical growth phase. The importance of a skilled team has always remained a priority to YourCoach while being cost-conscious. They are never willing to compromise on the quality of talent. That’s where we came into the picture.

Gegidze And YourCoach Health

Our Solution

We knew we had to find individuals who wouldn't just fill roles but would become an integral part of YourCoach's journey and join their in-house team. It was about understanding their culture, company ecosystem, passion, and vision. We weren't just helping them build a team, but nurturing a partnership.

For the past two years, we filled key positions crucial for YourCoach Health's growth and operations. These included:

  • WordPress Developer

  • React Developer

  • Customer Support Specialist

  • SEO Specialist

  • React.js Developer

  • Python Developer

  • DevOps Engineer

Collaborative Growth

Our regular brainstorming sessions with Eugene and Marina were pivotal. They shared their insights, which helped us refine our strategy. This collaborative approach wasn't just about fulfilling a requirement but co-creating a path to success.


Exceeding Expectations

Seeing YourCoach thrive has been incredibly rewarding. We helped augment their product team, which perfectly aligned with their needs. It's more than just a business relationship; it's a partnership that continues to evolve and exceed expectations.

Gegidze Agency and YourCoach Health


Let's talk if you're looking for a partner who understands your vision and is committed to your growth. At Gegidze Agency, we're not just about providing solutions but building success stories together.


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