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Tax Optimization
for individuals and companies in Georgia

Reduce your tax burden, maximize your profits, and navigate Georgia's tax system with confidence. Works well for companies of any size, as well as freelancers, digital nomads, expats and high-net-worth individuals

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Tax Optimization in Georgia

Startups & brands work with us

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For individuals

1% income tax

from €95/month & setup fee of €950 

We register you fully remotely as an (I.E.) Individual Entrepreneur / Small Business and pay your taxes in Georgia. 

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I.E. Registration

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Address leasing

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Translation services

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Notary & apostille

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Tax Accounting & Bookkeeping

Progressive tax, yearly rates:

0% up to € 10,000 

1% for € 10,000–175,000

3% if exceeding € 175,000

For companies

5% profit tax

from €350/month & setup fee of €1950 

We register your business fully remotely and help you acquire tax benefit licenses in Georgia. 

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Company incorporation

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Address leasing

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Translation services

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Notary and apostille

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Dedicated client success

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Tax accounting & bookkeeping

Read more about tax benefits:

Custom solution

Let's talk

Tailored offerings based on your individual goals for tax optimization and investments. You request, we deliver:

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Real estate

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Business acquisitions

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Cars & toys

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Gold & metals

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Missing anything on the list?

Georgia has one of the
LOWEST TAXES rates in the world

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Simplified Income Tax

Georgia keeps it simple with a flat 20% income tax applied only to income you generate within the country. Or pay only 5% using the tax benefits

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Withholding on Investments

Interest and dividends from Georgian sources have a 5% withholding tax.

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Standard VAT

Expect an 18% VAT (Value-Added Tax) on goods and services.

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Corporate Friendly Rate

Businesses benefit from a 15% corporate profit tax rate. Payable ONLY if/when distributed as a dividend - NO tax on reinvested profits.

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Property Tax

You won't pay more than 1% of your property's value in property taxes.

Start building your wealth. You are in a good company

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What you get

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Tax Planning and Compliance

Advising on tax strategies, preparing and filing tax returns, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations

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Tax Credit and Incentive Programs

Identifying and assisting with applications for tax credits and incentives available to your business.

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Updates and Expertise

We stay on top of changing Georgian tax regulations, ensuring you're always protected from unexpected liabilities.

Build more, tax less

Better financial planning. Increased predictability and control over your financial future.

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How it work?



We examine your business within the Georgian tax system to find potential savings and ensure compliance (3-4 business days)



We design a tailored strategy to leverage Georgia's tax advantages, legally reducing what you owe.(4-5 business days)

Ongoing management


We manage optimized filings, secure eligible credits, and keep you compliant as regulations change.


Strategic insights

Clear insights let you understand your tax position and make strategic decisions to fuel your business in Georgia.


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Gegidze is a great partner to work with! The team is always accommodating, responsive and sensitive to our and our talents' unique needs. They truly embrace collaboration and we are happy to have them on our entrepreneurial journey!

Marina Borukhovich

Marina Borukhovich


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When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication, and high-quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves.

Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff


Flag of Germany


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it’s never just the product or the service, it’s the people behind it. We’ve had great communication between our internal teams and Gegidze. We’ve found that our cultures, values and ideas are often similar and that makes it easy to communicate in the best way.

Maria Eelmets

Maria Eelmets

Talent Acquisition Lead

Flag of Estonia



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Taxes can be a major headache for any business owner. But Georgia aims to change that. It offers a tax system focused on simplicity and attracting foreign businesses.

Guide to 1% Tax Rate for Individual Entrepreneur & Small Business Status in

Georgia isn't only attracting big investors anymore. In the past decade, it's become a launchpad for startups, freelancers...anyone with ambition and a good idea.

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Ever wished you could slash your business taxes and tap into a thriving new market? Georgia could be the answer you've been searching for.


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How much is income tax in Georgia?


What is a tax-free zone in Georgia?


What is VAT, and how does it affect my business?


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Do I need a Georgian tax advisor?


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Ifrs and reporting services in Georgia

When establishing a company in Georgia, you'll need reliable accounting support. Our firm's comprehensive services can help, including:

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