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Nearshore Staffing Services

Worldwide Nearshore Staffing Services To the Point

Technical Expertise. Near Time zone. Same Culture

If the above sounds good, you're in the right place

  • Our nearshoring service can help you build dedicated teams in the Caucasus region

  • Utilize the skill set of our talented IT specialists, designers, and other professionals with experience in projects for worldwide clients

  • Leave-taking care of your projects to our talents and costly recruitment processes of in-house workers behind

Nearshore in Caucasus

What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a type of business approach when a third-party agency delivers specific services from another geographic area that is relatively close to the business' location.


In other words, nearshoring happens when an enterprise transfers work to less pricey agencies and is geographically closer.


This model enables businesses to move their processes to a closer, more cost-effective location. In addition, this proximity reduces time zone differences and cultural distinctions while simultaneously enhancing control in decision-making procedures. 

What is nearshoring?
Nearshoring Services

For instance, you are a business owner or manager of a consulting firm in the UK. You would like to automate specific processes inside the corporation or deliver online solutions.

This project demands in-depth IT expertise and a team of developers that you don't have in-house. Then, you discovered an agency in Georgia with a decent reputation for managing such projects and a group of developers available for your project. After a few consultations, interviews, and meetings, you have decided to cooperate with this agency.


Congratulations, you just began IT nearshoring!

Let's create something great together

Benefits of nearshore outsourcing

Reasonable Cost

While onshore IT specialists are out of the price range of many businesses, a nearshore development team will save you money by reducing operating costs. In addition, these nearby developing countries have lower wages. As a result, they can source cheaper equipment and facilities, so you’ll be able to stretch your money farther and grow your business over time.

Shared Time Zones

Coordinating calls with your team on the other side of the globe can be tricky. Still, outsourced IT teams make it even more challenging to meet or schedule shifts. Employees are often working while you’re sleeping, and vice versa. Nearshore developers are close enough that it will be much easier to coordinate during your regular business hours.

Similar Culture

Cultural barriers can be a big hurdle when you outsource to faraway countries like India or China. But nearshore IT specialist is close enough that many representatives are familiar with your culture. In addition, they’ll understand the nuances of how Americans speak and want to be treated, which will positively impact your customer satisfaction rates.

Streamlined Communication

Sharing the same time zone or little time differences will facilitate better communication. Many IT specialists will have learned English in grade school and have no problem engaging in meaningful conversations with your other team members and managers. You’ll also have more accessible time scheduling meetings, communicating over email, and discussing tasks. Improved communication will make a world of difference in the performance of your nearshore development team.

Dedicated teams

Nearshore Team of developers

Team of Developers

Nearshore software developers, software architects, DevOps engineers, product owners, and many other kinds of specialists from entry to expert levels.

Nearshore Team of designers

Team of Designers

Our nearshore staffing service allows you to hire the best talents in the Caucasus region in the field of Design as well. Find art directors, graphic designers, Illustrators, 3D artists, motion graphics designers, interior designers, and architects for your enterprise.

Nearshore in Georgia

Team of Marketers

Nearshore outsourcing at Gegidze also helps companies with outsourcing marketing professionals such as creative directors, marketing project managers, copywriters, performance marketers, SMMs, SEO specialists, content managers, and photo/video/sound editors.

IT Nearshoring

When is it necessary?

  • When your business needs extra development power – you don't have the necessary IT resources to implement the project.

  • When the project goes beyond your standard technology stack - there's a lack of required IT expertise among in-house professionals.

  • When your company needs to speed up the IT processes – your software development team is busy working on other projects, and it would take too long to develop it using only your resources.

  • Your organization has headcount limitations – you have a heavy workload, but your company won't increase the headcount.

  • Your company's budget is limited – you need to find cost-effective alternatives for lower fees and go outside your country.

  • You don't want to face recruiting difficulties – recruiting on your own would take too much time, or you cannot find the right people in the context of program requirements.


Nearshore Worldwide

Onshoring VS Offshoring

Onshoring is outsourcing to another city in your country. Using this model, companies don't face the risks associated with offshoring, like cultural differences or taxing foreign policies. Instead, they invest in their country's economy.

Offshoring is known as the most cost-effective approach to outsourcing. Organizations offshore their processes to outsourcing vendors in distant countries, like India, China, or the Philippines, where the talent pools are complete and the fees are low. The time zone difference here plays a major role in keeping your business working around the clock.

The advantages and disadvantages of Onshoring

When you have a startup, you want to gain security, control, and coordination over as many processes as possible. That's where onshoring can help you out. In addition, Onshoring is an excellent choice for startups and innovative projects that are broadly defined or not well-documented

Cheaper options

True, onshoring is more expensive than nearshoring and much more expensive than offshoring. But you can always find a bargain. Select employees from smaller cities if you strive for more transparent communication and effective control

Investing in your homeland

Onshoring guarantees more efficient coordination and cooperation since all the participants in the process are from a single cultural and language background. Along with real-time collaboration, control, and security the companies get, onshoring brings jobs back to the native workforce. They also use domestic infrastructure, tools, and facilities.

It requires your patience

Unfortunately, onshore companies may lack qualified candidates. So, if you choose onshore outsourcing, you must consider the time to recruit and train the candidate you need.

The advantages and disadvantages of Offshoring

Hiring more dedicated, in-house employees seems logical when you feel that your current staff can't handle the workload. Yet, as a rule, hiring an in-house team is more expensive than some companies can afford. That's when they turn to offshore. And though it remains a general approach to software development, some issues remain unsolved. What are other pros except for reduced expenses? Are there any hidden pitfalls? Is it worth the hype? Let's find out.

Lower fees

Due to the skyrocketed competition in the market, many offshore outsourcing agencies establish the best conditions for clients. Companies that choose offshore may also benefit from reduced or even 0% business taxes. Also, it enables companies to expand into the new market without additional costs

Wide range of talents

Offshoring gives you a plethora of options to choose from. For example, you can expand your staff by selecting professionals from a large talent pool. In addition, an experienced outsourcing agency usually works with many customers, which lets them comprehend the current problems and trends in the field

Work gets done while you're sleeping

The timezone differences may seem like a drag, but you can turn them into a benefit. Profit! You can also send instructions before going home in the evening and come to the office the following day to find the tasks delivered

It needs continuous control

As offshoring includes working with a team that's far away, you might feel like you always have to control what they do. Unfortunately, flying there once a month is not an option – the road will take too much of your time


What is Gegidze’s Nearshore Value Proposition?

One of Georgia's most significant value propositions of nearshore outsourcing is geographical proximity to highly demanded skills. That's why Gegidze is a safe bet if a project requires personal attention during its lifecycle. In addition, compared to offshoring, travel costs are much lower in the case of the nearshore approach.

Offshoring vs. outsourcing — what’s the difference?

Outsourcing is a method when an organization contracts a specific process out to a third party, finding a talent who specializes in whatever needs to be done. On the other hand, offshoring happens when companies send in-house jobs overseas. Both might save a company some expenses, but only offshoring means sending jobs out of the country.

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