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What is an Employer of Record services?

What Is an Employer of Record EOR

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Are you a business looking to expand your operations in the Caucasus region? Companies explore new opportunities in different areas as the global market becomes increasingly interconnected. However, expanding internationally can be complex, especially regarding legal compliance, human resources, and payroll management. That's where an Employer of Record (EOR) service comes in.

In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Employer of Record services and how Gegidze, a leading agency based in the Caucasus, simplifies global expansion for businesses. We will delve into the benefits of using an EOR, the countries Gegidze covers, the cost considerations, and address some common questions related to EOR services.

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What do you need to know about Employee of Record (EOR) Payroll Services?

Employer of Record (EOR) services provide businesses with a comprehensive solution for their international expansion needs. When a company wants to establish a presence in a foreign country, an EOR acts as the legal employer, assuming responsibility for payroll, compliance, and other HR functions. It allows companies to operate in new markets quickly and efficiently without setting up their legal entity.

Why use an Employer of Record (EOR) Payroll Services in Gegidze?

Expanding into a new country involves navigating complex legal and administrative requirements. By partnering with an EOR like Gegidze, businesses can benefit from a range of advantages, including:

  • Streamlined Compliance: An EOR ensures compliance with local labor laws, tax regulations, and employment requirements, reducing the risk of legal issues and penalties.

  • Speed and Agility: With an EOR, companies can enter new markets swiftly, bypassing the time-consuming process of establishing legal entities and handling payroll complexities.

  • Risk Mitigation: By leveraging the expertise of an EOR, businesses can mitigate risks associated with employment contracts, terminations, and compliance issues.

  • Cost Savings: EOR services eliminate the need for setting up legal entities, hiring additional HR staff, and managing payroll, resulting in significant cost savings.

EOR Services Gegidze

Gegidze offers comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) Payroll services from:

  • Georgia

  • Azerbaijan

  • Armenia

  • Turkey

  • Egypt

Employer of record services country list

As a leader in the Caucasus region, Gegidze provides top-notch EOR services in Georgia. With its strategic location, favorable business environment, and talented workforce, Georgia offers excellent opportunities for international expansion.

Gegidze also extends its EOR services to neighboring countries like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Egypt. These countries have emerging markets and are attracting businesses seeking growth and expansion in the Caucasus region.

Cost Considerations

The expenses related to EOR services can vary depending on factors such as the country of operation, the number of employees, and the business's specific requirements. Gegidze offers customized solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring cost-effective and transparent pricing structures for only 199 €/month. It is best to consult with Gegidze's expert team for a detailed plan.

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How to compare Employer of Record (EOR) services?

When evaluating different EOR providers, consider the following factors:

Expertise and Experience

Look for an EOR with a proven track record in managing international EOR employment and a deep understanding of local regulations.

Service Offerings

Assess the range of services offered by the EOR, including payroll management, benefits administration, HR support, and compliance assistance.

Global Network

A robust network of partners and local expertise in multiple countries ensures seamless expansion into new markets.

Technology and Reporting

Consider the EOR's technological capabilities, such as user-friendly platforms for employee management, real-time reporting, and data security measures.

Customer Support

Prompt and reliable customer support is essential to address any concerns or inquiries during the engagement.

Taxes in the Caucasus

When expanding your business into the Caucasus region, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the tax landscape. Each country in the region has its tax regulations and requirements. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Corporate Tax

Corporate tax rates can vary among the Caucasus countries. Georgia, for instance, has a flat corporate income tax rate of 15%, which applies to resident and non-resident companies. Azerbaijan and Armenia also have competitive corporate tax rates, making them attractive destinations for businesses seeking favorable tax environments.

Individual Income Tax

Individual income tax rates in the Caucasus region can also differ. Georgia’s income tax rate is 20% and a pension contribution of 4%. Azerbaijan and Armenia have a progressive income tax structure, from 15% to 25.

VAT, GST, and Sales Tax

Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), or sales tax regulations may apply to businesses in the Caucasus. The specific rates and thresholds can vary among the countries. It is essential to understand these tax obligations to ensure compliance and proper tax reporting.

Navigating the tax landscape in the Caucasus region can be complex. Still, Gegidze's Employer of Record services includes comprehensive tax compliance support. They will ensure your business complies with local tax laws, helping you avoid penalties and streamline your tax obligations.

By partnering with Gegidze, you can focus on your core business operations while leaving the intricacies of tax compliance to the experts.

EOR Services in Caucasus


Gegidze's extensive experience and comprehensive range of services make an ideal choice for businesses/startups looking to establish a presence in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries. By leveraging their expertise, companies can focus on their core operations. At the same time, Gegidze takes care of HR, payroll, and compliance matters.

If you are considering expanding your business into the Caucasus region, contact Gegidze and discover how their Employer of Record services can facilitate your international growth. With Gegidze as your trusted partner, you can navigate the complexities of global expansion with confidence and pave the way for success in the dynamic and vibrant markets of the Caucasus region.

Remember, Gegidze is here to support your journey toward a seamless expansion and provide you with the peace of mind you need to thrive in the global business landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Employer of Record (EOR) legal?

Yes, Employer of Record (EOR) services are legal and widely used by companies worldwide. EOR providers act as the legal employer on behalf of their clients, assuming the associated responsibilities and obligations. By partnering with an EOR, businesses can comply with local labor laws and regulations while enjoying the benefits of global expansion.

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