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The Best EOR Employer of Record Service in Georgia & Caucasus

Complete payroll, compliance and employer of record services in Georgia for diverse types of companies and start-ups. Hire employees only for 199 € per person/month

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Table of contents

Why Georgia

Why Georgia?

Right between Europe and Asia, Georgia has it all, and it's hard not to fall in love with Georgia. Already the first humans (outside of Africa) settled here, and they must have known why:

  • A diversity of cultures,

  • highly educated

  • friendly population

  • and very high standards of security.


Here are the reasons why we thought of Georgia as an ideal country for Gegidze’s base.

EOR in Georgia 1
EOR in Georgia 2

​1. Over 90% of Georgia's population has at least secondary education. There are more than 50 higher education institutions and over 150 language centers in Georgia.

2. English is the primary foreign language taught and more than 15% of students are also choosing other European languages as their third language option.

3. Tbilisi is the vibrant, beating heart of Georgia and home to more than 75% of its cosmopolitan citizens.

4. High-speed broadband and mobile internet are available throughout the whole country.

There is a lot of young, skilled, and motivated talent around who is waiting to join an international venture.

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GDP Growth rate

5.0 (2019)

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Georgian Lari (₾, GEL)

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Easy of doing business


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Main Language



Payroll Frequency


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3,716,858 (est. 2020)

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Cost of living index

28.05 (2021)

Taxes in Georgia

Taxes in Georgia

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  • 15 % Corporate tax rate

  • 2 % Pension contribution

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  • 20 % Income tax rate

  • 2 % Pension contribution

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  • 18 %  VAT

  • 5 %  Dividends, Royalties

Want to learn more about EOR service?

zurab aitsuradze
Public Holidays in Georgia

Public Holidays in Georgia

Public holidays in Georgia
Paid leaves

Paid leaves

dollar icon round

Paid time off

Once an employee has completed 11 months of service with an employer, they are entitled to 24 days of paid leave annually, with a vacation benefit equivalent to one month’s salary paid three months before the annual leave.

Employees are also entitled to take 15 unpaid days off work every year.

maternity leave icon

Maternity leave

Female employees are entitled to 126 days paid pregnancy leave, or 143 in case of complications or if twins are delivered, with a pregnancy benefit equal to 100% of the normal daily wage (up to 1,000 Georgian lari or $318.98).

Post-pregnancy, mothers can take up to 604 days off work to care for newborns.


Public holidays

Georgia recognizes seventeen public holidays.

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Sick leave

Employees will take up to 42 days of paid sick leave. An employee must procure a sickness card from a licensed practitioner in order to be paid.

maternity leave icon

Paternity leave

Paternity leave is enclosed in parental leave.

Countries where we hire

List of countries where we hire

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Hire your remote employees for 199 €/m

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Gegidze is a great partner to work with! The team is always accommodating, responsive and sensitive to our and our talents' unique needs. They truly embrace collaboration and we are happy to have them on our entrepreneurial journey!

Marina Borukhovich

Marina Borukhovich


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When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication, and high-quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves.

Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff


Flag of Germany


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it’s never just the product or the service, it’s the people behind it. We’ve had great communication between our internal teams and Gegidze. We’ve found that our cultures, values and ideas are often similar and that makes it easy to communicate in the best way.

Maria Eelmets

Maria Eelmets

Talent Acquisition Lead

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on hiring employees remotely in Georgia for 2024. As the world of work continues to evolve, remote hiring has

hire remote employees

We have got something that’s going to change the way you think about hiring, ever imagined finding the perfect team member as easily as shopping online?

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Are you a business looking to expand your operations in the Caucasus region? Companies explore new opportunities in different areas as the global market becomes increasingly interconnected.


What is an EOR

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?


How EOR works

How an EOR does it?


Functions of EOR

Functions of Employer of Record


Employee recruitment services

Employee recruitment services


What is an EOR payroll

What is an EOR in payroll?


Responsibilities of EOR

What are the responsibilities of an employer of record (EOR)?


Benefits of using an EOR

Benefits of using an EOR


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