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The Best EOR Employer of Record Service in Georgia

Complete payroll, compliance and employer of record services in Georgia for diverse types of companies and start-ups. Hire employees only for 199 € per person/month

EOR Employer of Record Service in Georgia
EOR Employer of Record Services in Georgia

Table of contents

  • Why Georgia

  • Taxes in Georgia

  • Public holidays in Georiga

  • Paid Leaves

  • Countries where we hire

  • What is an EOR

  • How EOR works

  • Functions of EOR

  • Employee recruitment services

  • What is an EOR payroll

  • Responsibilities of EOR

  • Benefits of using an EOR

EOR in Georgia

Why Georgia?

Right between Europe and Asia, Georgia has it all, and it's hard not to fall in love with Georgia. Already the first humans (outside of Africa) settled here, and they must have known why:

  • A diversity of cultures,

  • highly educated

  • friendly population

  • and very high standards of security.


Here are the reasons why we thought of Georgia as an ideal country for Gegidze’s base.

​1. Over 90% of Georgia's population has at least secondary education. There are more than 50 higher education institutions and over 150 language centers in Georgia.

2. English is the primary foreign language taught and more than 15% of students are also choosing other European languages as their third language option.

3. Tbilisi is the vibrant, beating heart of Georgia and home to more than 75% of its cosmopolitan citizens.

4. High-speed broadband and mobile internet are available throughout the whole country.

There is a lot of young, skilled, and motivated talent around who is waiting to join an international venture.




Georgian Lari (₾, GEL)

Main Language



3,716,858 (est. 2020)

GDP Growth rate

5.0 (2019)

Easy of doing business


Payroll Frequency



Cost of living index

28.05 (2021)

Taxes in Georgia


  • 15 % Corporate tax rate

  • 2 % Pension contribution


  • 20 % Income tax rate

  • 2 % Pension contribution


  • 18 %  VAT

  • 5 %  Dividends, Royalties

Want to learn more?

Taxes In Georgia
Public Holidays in Georgia

Public Holidays in Georgia

1 Jan / Sun / New Year's Day

2 Jan / Mon / New Year Holiday

7 Jan / Sat / Orthodox Christmas Day

19 Jan / Thu / Orthodox Epiphany

3 Mar / Fri / Mother's Day

8 Mar / Wed / International Women's Day

9 Apr / Sun / Independence Restoration Day

14 Apr / Fri / Orthodox Good Friday

15 Apr / Sat / Orthodox Easter Saturday

16 Apr / Sun / Orthodox Easter Sunday

17 Apr / Mon / Orthodox Easter Monday

9 May / Tue / Victory Day

12 May / Fri / Saint Andrew the First Called Day

26 May / Fri / Independence Day

28 Aug / Mon / Saint Mary's Day

14 Oct / Sat / Svetitskhovloba

23 Nov / Thu / Saint George's Day

Paid leaves

Paid time off

Once an employee has completed 11 months of service with an employer, they are entitled to 24 days of paid leave annually, with a vacation benefit equivalent to one month’s salary paid three months before the annual leave.

Employees are also entitled to take 15 unpaid days off work every year.

Maternity leave

Female employees are entitled to 126 days paid pregnancy leave, or 143 in case of complications or if twins are delivered, with a pregnancy benefit equal to 100% of the normal daily wage (up to 1,000 Georgian lari or $318.98).

Post-pregnancy, mothers can take up to 604 days off work to care for newborns.

Public holidays

Georgia recognizes seventeen public holidays.

Sick leave

Employees will take up to 42 days of paid sick leave. An employee must procure a sickness card from a licensed practitioner in order to be paid.

Paternity leave

Paternity leave is enclosed in parental leave.

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List of countries where we hire

EOR Country Flags 3











Czech Republic



EOR Country Flags 4














EOR Country Flags










San Marino

Saudi Arabia



EOR Country Flags 2










United Arab Emirates


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or read more to learn more about EOR

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party entity that manages onboarding and administrative tasks on behalf of your business. EORs enable you to hire internationally without having to establish a commodity in different countries

​What is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

How an EOR does it?

EORs have legal institutions in the countries available for their recruitment services. It means companies collaborating with EORs can diminish risks by hiring international workers because EORs control legal compliance in those countries. Essentially, they act as external HR departments as they shoulder the burden of legal compliance for employment internationally.

Functions of Employer of Record

A global employer of record (EOR) is a third-party service that enables small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses to outsource recruitment and employee management activities. It can handle everything from legal compliance to payroll processing for your employees working in different countries.

The Employer of Record's primary services covers employee onboarding, payroll, health insurance, tax filing, commissions, and other employee pros for your enterprise.

Employee of Records can also appreciably aid in your company's global expansion. With their assistance, you can hire international candidates seamlessly. In addition, their legal presence in other countries makes compliance easy while employing overseas employees.

Functions of Employer of Record
Employee recruitment services

Employee recruitment services

Employer of record services allows companies without local legal entities to employ workers legally in other countries. These services mostly fall under the functions of human resources and legal teams, including payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and compliance

Another employer of record services may include advisory services for companies looking to expand their teams into new markets. For example, an EOR may offer advice on integrating remote workers or creating a global compensation plan.

Employee of record services typically does not involve "co-employment," an arrangement in which two companies employ the same person simultaneously. The EOR is the only employer on paper in the country where the employee works. In practice, however, the EOR is not involved in the employee's day-to-day life beyond HR functions like payroll and benefits administration.

What is an EOR in payroll?

The EOR processes the payroll of all workers in line with the legal requirements in that jurisdiction. It includes necessary managing deductions, garnishments, expense reimbursements, and leave entitlements.

The payment method and the cycle will follow legal obligations, local customs, and the wishes of the client company.

What is an EOR in payroll
What are the responsibilities of an employer of record (EOR)

What are the responsibilities of an employer of record (EOR)?

As mentioned above, EORs handle human resources tasks, payroll, tax and legal matters, and benefits for your workers in other countries. Those responsibilities can differ from agency to agency, as can how your EOR may handle these duties on your behalf. The most common faults of an EOR include:

  • Paying your team members in local currencies

  • Administering workers' benefit packages

  • Making contributions to government programs

  • Onboarding new employees

  • With holding taxes

  • Filing tax forms

  • Maintaining compliance with evolving local labor laws.

Benefits of using an EOR

Collaborating with Employer of Record vendors is a commonplace practice for global companies. Reaching out to an agency that can mediate between a business in a different country and the local government helps companies mitigate risks, reduce costs, and boost team efficiency

We listed the most significant benefits of hiring an employer of record below:

Remove global market entry barriers. Though building teams abroad has many benefits, many business owners are wary of looking for talent abroad because of the challenges of registering a business institution abroad.

In some countries, waiting for the embassy's approval to start a business abroad can take several weeks or even months.

An EOR is an officially registered agency with a legal right to hire and pay professionals. Therefore, hiring an EOR vendor lets business owners start looking for talent abroad and working on projects immediately without trying to cut the red tape.

Comply with local laws

Many cases of expensive lawsuits caused by not knowing local trade and labor laws are shared among international businesses.

To avoid such issues and manage teams in a legally-compliant way, business owners rely on employers of record. EU agencies have a firm grasp of labor and business legislation. They'll ensure that all the processes within the company are compliant.

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Reduce the fees of setting up a global office

Opening an office abroad is too costly. Building a team abroad from scratch costs business owners an arm and a leg.

Hiring an EOR enables business owners to save up on hiring financial, HR, and legal consulting companies. In addition, the flexibility of EOR agencies gives room for exploring new markets. Besides, it streamlines losing global offices if the collaboration doesn't live up to the company's expectations without worrying about upkeep and HQ termination costs.

Save time

Keeping track of paperwork, running payroll, administering benefits, and terminating employee contracts takes much time. As a result, business owners do not spend enough time on the company's core activities, juggling dozens of management tasks independently.

Having a reliable agency like Gegidze, which takes care of formalities, saves your managers' time.

Diminish risks

Hiring an EOR allows business owners to shift the burden of responsibility off the organization and onto a vendor. The history employer is featured in the official documentation, drafting agreements, and paying taxes. Thus, the organization will be the one to take the fall should something go wrong.

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