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Hiring Remote Dedicated Teams in Caucasus

Hiring Remote Dedicated Development Teams Made Easier

Accelerate your business with dedicated teams of hand-selected talents and get the best professionals on board. No more unsuccessful hirings, unending training, and maintaining long-term salaries

What is a dedicated development team?

Hire Dedicated teams in Georgia

A dedicated team is a collaboration model with an outsourced team of workers, where a client and a professional's team cooperate long-term. It's one of the most common collaboration modes, which stands on par with the time & material (T&M) and fixed price (FP) approaches.

When you hire dedicated teams, you receive a team of experienced workers explicitly selected for your company's goals. This team corresponds to an in-house team, who are technically your employees.

However, unlike employees, you don't bother with a dedicated team about administrative, HR, tax, and social advantage issues. On the other hand, you can concentrate on other business issues while your development partners do their job.

In other words, a dedicated team approach equips you with a hand-selected professional team concentrated on realizing one specific project. Besides, all the administrative costs are on their side.

Hire Dedicated Teams

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Who is in a dedicated team?

dedicated developers

The specific arrangement of your team depends on your business needs. Hence, your development team may consist of:

  • Business analysts >

  • Full-stack engineers >

  • Mobile developers >

  • UX/UI designers >

  • DevOps engineers >

  • Quality assurance specialists >

  • Product managers >

  • Project managers >

  • Front-end and back-end >

When should you hire dedicated teams?

The dedicated team model fits complex long-term projects, which can expand in the future. The dedicated development team is a good decision when your idea doesn't have the product-market fit and needs a discovery stage.

“Newborn” Startups

If you're an early-stage startup and you want to grow, think of the idea of hiring a dedicated team. It'll enable you to build a team quickly, save funds on the hiring procedures and develop your product faster. While the in-house employees work on business-oriented tasks, your augmented team does the extra work.

Projects With Vague Requirements

The dedicated team is the best solution when your idea doesn't have the product-market fit and needs a discovery stage. The discovery stage is the backbone for the whole development mechanism of the project. Thus, selecting the right candidate may take months of tests and interviews. The dedicated team model provides the time that you can spend freely on the discovery stage.

Long-Term Projects

The dedicated team approach suits complex long-term projects with the prospect of growth. To disclose your project's potential, you require a strong team of developers to support you. It's guaranteed that the people you start working with will stick by you till the end of the project.

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What are the benefits of dedicated development teams?

Communicate your goals, needs, and expectations with our hiring expert. On this stage, we will do our best to understand what kind of freelance talent you are looking for so that we can match you with one

Fewer Expenses

Traditional methods of employing a team of developers include fees for office space, training and onboarding, and other legal expenses. However, since dedicated development teams are operated remotely, fewer costs are incurred without compromising the work quality.

Moreover, you don't have to spend time interviewing and hand-picking candidates to assemble a team for your project. Instead, once the scope and requirements are given, we will provide you with a well-- suited group of experts for the task.

Consequently, the pay scale is adjustable depending on the job requirements. Nevertheless, it's a great way to streamline expenses and save company funds long-term.

An Entire Stack of Services

This approach can leverage services such as custom web and mobile app development, designing user-friendly experiences, big data analytics, and data backup services.

Hiring a dedicated software development team gives you access to a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. In addition, using qualified and cost-effective IT professionals will help you maximize your return on investment.

Support and Maintenance

Dedicated development teams do more than design, develop, and deliver products. They give you competent support throughout the implementation of your system.

Talents Worldwide

Access to a global talent pool enables you to step into the world of possibilities. With their expertise, these professionals can frequently optimize your tech stack's capacities at highly cost-efficient prices.

Boosted Productivity

This one's vital in the rapidly evolving software market. Optimizing the aspects of business like productivity and speed of work can give your business a competitive edge. In addition, dedicated developers are accustomed to working with outsourced companies, eliminating any need to adjust.

Dedicated developer teams bring a wealth of experience working together efficiently, effectively, and dynamically.

Fast Turnaround Time

Dedicated teams work in optimized environments for your projects' smooth and timely completion. You, as the client, must set clear timelines and ensure they are met.

When you plan, the outsourced team can complete any project within a shorter period.

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How to hire a dedicated development team?

Hire freelancers online with Gegidze’s staffing services and get your work done by professionals. We manage our freelancers and offer them benefits so you don’t have to

Define your goals, budget, and needs

  • Decide on your ultimate aims

  • Budget for each process

  • Portray your requirements

  • It will help you organize the hiring and product development procedures from the start.

  • Then, when you know what you want to get eventually, you will not have any difficulties with your dedicated team in the future.

Choose a type of cooperation

< Next, devise a cooperation model with a dedicated software development team.

< Consider whether you need a whole team for a project or several dedicated team developers for specific tasks.

< For example, if your product is ready but needs support, you should consider a dedicated maintenance team.

Leave finding potential teams to us

< Now we can start looking for a team. We provide dedicated software development teams (and not only).

< We give clients information about the team's experience, the developers' knowledge, what projects the team has worked on, what results the clients saw, and more.

< Once you have a shortlist of potential teams, you can interview them. Ask everything you are curious about to understand whether this or that team is right for your project.

Start your Dedicated Software Development Team

< After you have selected the right dedicated team for your project, you can get started. Regular communication is the first thing you need to coordinate with your dedicated software development team.

< It's necessary to be able to monitor and control the progress of each process. Get in touch with the team to approve tasks and discuss important issues.

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How to Choose Dedicated Software Development Teams?

You choose a dedicated development team based on your needs and budget. But consider the following factors when selecting your vendor:

  • Area of ​​expertise

  • Time on the market

  • Client pool

  • The region where the team is located

  • Testimonials/Case studies

  • Cost

  • Management approaches

  • Warranties and data security

How to Choose Dedicated Software Development Teams

* We recommend that you don't go to extremes — such as the cheapest option or the most expensive — but look for the best cost/reviews ratio.  For example, consider Gegidze, which has successful experience in providing dedicated team services to companies worldwide and has excellent feedback from clients.

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How to hire a dedicated development team?

Finding Talents

You can select the suitable candidates from our talent pool of IT specialists from the Caucasus region

Interview Stage

Arrange an interview for a soft skill check and after make an hard skill test to check the experience of the candidate

Writing a Job Description for Remote Developers

It includes:

  • Job Title of a Remote Developer

  • Job Description of a Remote Developer

  • Responsibilities of a Remote Developer

  • Required skills and expertise

  • Benefits

Screening the options

Check CV and References, as well as social media pages

Making the Final Decision

Based on the information gathered, decide whose skillset matches your requirements best

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