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IT Outstaffing Services in Georgia for Your Business Fast Growth

Grow your internal development team with qualified developers and remote professionals employed in our agency and entirely committed to your projects. Our thorough screening ensures selecting only the top talents

IT Outstaffing Services in Georgia for Your Business Fast Growth

What can we offer?

IT Outstaffing Consulting

IT Outstaffing Consulting

Our experts provide professional advice on hiring options, the right tech stack, and the types of talent you need for a particular project.

Dedicated IT Specialists

Dedicated IT Specialists

As a leading outstaffing company in Georgia, Gegidze offers tailor-made recruitment services in various fields. By hiring our dedicated team, you get the services of our skilled developers with in-depth expertise in web and app development, UX/UI, and DevOps services.

Remote Managed Services

Remote Managed Services

We help businesses fill talent gaps by expanding their technical department or outsourcing it entirely. Offload your employees' work and time on technical functions and focus on what matters most for your business operations and growth.

IT Support

IT Support

Our team members are ready to provide you with full IT support at all stages of development to ensure that our developers create software that complies with your requirements.

Benefits of IT outstaffing services at Gegidze

IT outsourcing services are contracted IT services provided directly to the client. We are responsible for the upkeep and preventative maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Our services can be utilized as a full-scale IT department or to augment your on-site IT team to allow them to focus on larger-scale company issues. We listed the main advantages of using our IT outstaffing services.

Experienced Professionals

Managed IT service agencies like Gegidze see similar problems multiple times and can resolve them based on experience.
In-house IT staff tend to know many unique issues and must resort to research and trial and error.

Elevating the Playing Field

Most small businesses can't afford to match larger companies' in-house support services. Outsourcing can help small businesses to compete with their bigger competitors by giving them access to similar technology and expertise. Besides, an independent managed IT service can provide a cost structure and economy of scale that can give your company a competitive advantage.

Timely Execution of Projects

A quality outsourced IT service company will have the resources to start new projects immediately.
Handling the same project on-site may require weeks or months to hire the right professionals, train them, and provide support.
For most implementations, quality IT agencies will bring years of experience in the beginning, saving time and money.

Supplement to Your In-house IT Team

Many larger businesses benefit from an in-house IT team. Still, in many cases, they can be taxed for performing minor fixes company-wide such as password resets, software updates, and other help desk requests. Bringing on an outsourced managed IT service can help save internal IT staff the valuable time they need to address new projects and more significant issues.

Ability to Focus on the Business at Hand

Every company aims to complete sales, make money, and grow its business. Unfortunately, you have limited resources, time, and employees to achieve this. No company wants to worry about complex IT issues outside the scope of your skills and take away from your ability to achieve your ultimate goals.

Compliance and Security

Is your firewall up to date? Have your workstations and servers been audited? By cooperating with an IT services provider like Gegidze, who is familiar with PCI compliance standards, you can rest assured that you're diminishing the risks associated with maintaining:

  • client data

  • credit card numbers

  • sensitive competitive information, and more.

Let's create something great together

IT Outstaffing in Georgia

Our Process

Understanding your needs

IT outstaffing service at Gegidze starts with analyzing your business requirements. Then, we collect the necessary job requirements and specifications to ensure the perfect match for your project.


Once we have a short list of suitable candidates, we ask you to participate in the interviewing process. You are welcome to ask questions and brief the candidates on the project details.

Project Kick-off

After signing an agreement, you are free to jump-start your project. We will assist you with issues resolutions, project monitoring, and other project-related things.

Team selection

Our talent sourcing experts search our talent pool to select potential candidates' resumes.
All our talents meet your requirements and have industry-based certifications.


After you confirm the hires, we will discuss the terms and conditions. Then, we provide you with a standard agreement and present offers to the finalists.

Support and Maintenance

Dedicated development teams do more than design, develop, and deliver products. They give you competent support throughout the implementation of your system.

Outsourcing VS Outstaffing
which is better for your busines?

Many companies choose remote software development teams due to their price of service and the quality of end-product delivery. However, outsourcing and outstaffing can offer you quick and actionable results and correctly perform business tasks.

Yet, when should you go for the outsourcing model, and in which cases is it better to choose the path of outstaffing?Your choice should depend on your needs.

Outsourcing is based on partnership, and the business relationships with the offshore company usually end up in lasting, fruitful cooperation.

On the other hand, suppose you want to monitor the performance of the remote employee and have more responsibility. In that case, outstaffing is the path you should take. By hiring dedicated specialists, you fulfill the missing elements of your team and get complete control over the tasks you handle for them.

Outsourcing VS Outstaffing which is better for your busines
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