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Meet our Talent | Ali Bertug Ucar

Ali is our freelance Web & Motions Graphics Designer with almost 17 ears of working experience.

Ali Bertug Ucar

Read our interview with Ali below to get to know him better.

- What is your favorite part of working with Gegidze?

- Working remote so professionally with super smooth communication

- What is the weirdest/most interesting fact about you?

- I was born dead and they brought me back to life. Yes indeed

- What do you do at Gegidze?

- Working as a designer & animation artist

- What do you like most about your job?

- Constantly exploring and learning new things

Ali Bertug Ucar

- How do you explain to your grandparents what you do for a living?

- I’m doing computer stuff

- In three words, how do your friends describe you?

- Logical, hypercritical, perfectionist

- What would it be if you could say one quote to all of humanity?

- I would say “This world doesn’t belong to you. You’re just a visitor. So, be respectful to it”

- Which is your favorite food/dish?

- Lasagna

- What does success mean to you?

- I think achieving a peaceful state in life is the best success

- What is your go-to productivity advice?

- Resolve your daily issues to clear your mind before work

- Focus only one thing at a time

- Stay away from your phone when working :)

- Who is your hero?

- Nikola Tesla

- What is your proudest accomplishment?

- Winning the most prestigious award for advertisements in my country

- What is your favorite free time activity?

- Playing video games

If you want to become a part of our international team, send us your CV !


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