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Meet Our Talent | Mariam Chkhikvadze

Mariam is a Talent Sourcing Specialist with 4 years of experience in the human resources field.

Mariam Chkikvadze

Read our interview with Mariam below to get to know her better.

- What do you like most about your job?

My profession gives me the opportunity to connect with people from different fields and cultural backgrounds and this excites me the most. Apart from it, I believe working as a recruiter/talent sourcing specialist is one of the most significant responsibilities for me. At Future Sales, the working environment feels very friendly and fulfilling, which is very motivating and inspiring as well.

- What is your favorite part of working at Gegidze?

- I do believe Gegidze agency gives me and lots of other qualified talents the opportunity to develop our skills and gain knowledge and international experiences.

- How do you explain to your grandparents what you do for a living?

- In a few words I would say that I seek and source the best talents for companies to form engaging and fulfilling teams.

- What is your experience working in your position?

- I have around 4 years of experience working in the human resources field. I’m happy to say that I have sourced lots of great talents and assisted them to find their way into the most engaging working environment. For me, this is very inspiring as I help both employers and potential employees as well. I would like to continue to do so for many years ahead.

- What does success mean to you?

- Success to me means self-realization and achieving self-esteem goals in order to be the best possible version of myself.

- What is your favorite food?

- My favorite food is pasta Bolognese.

- What is your favorite free time activity?

- My favorite free time activity is hanging out with my friends.

- What is your favorite song to sing at Karaoke?

- My favorite song is Anything by Adele because I relate to her songs the most.

- What is your go-to productivity advice?

- The best productivity advice is to never stop moving, no matter what.

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