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How we solve problems


Who we are

Everything we do is about problem-solving. From the first steps in 2017 to becoming a full remote creative agency in 2019, we worked on finding outstanding solutions for our clients.

We believe that human capital is the true value of a brand, and it will always be. From this idea Gegidze was created, the synergy of the best talents and professionals who are passionate about their work and who bring vision and a great attitude to the creation process.

Today, we continue to provide success to our clients in the design, tech, and marketing. We assist them in the modern world of innovation and performance.

So how do we do it?

Here’s the big secret, from the beginning we tried to find the best solutions using a well-constructed flow of thoughts. It was not easy, but we created our DNA.

Strategic thinkers, human-centric and self-developing

Amazing, isn’t it?

Each project is carefully thought out and is based on non-stop progress and an endless journey into new fields of knowledge and learning so that we can create memorable brand experiences.

Knowing the problem is the beginning.

The dedicated team is the main key to success, so our teams are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients and bring creative multidisciplinary thinking to every stage.

If you do not know how to communicate with your customers, need a web page to sell your unique product, cannot decide what your logo should look like, maybe your calendar is too full and needs an outsource team, the solution is simple, we are here to help because it is our passion. Get to know our services.

Let’s look at some of our work

Launching the crowdfunding platform

Industry: Charity Crowdfunding

World United Care

Launching new marketplace

Client: Liberty Bank

Industry: E-commerce

On / Off

And there you have it! A simple formula for your journey to a successful business. But if you want to know more or to ask questions, it is simple, leave us your contact and our team will get back to you. Contact

Let's create something great together.


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