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Mobius Binary x Gegidze: UK Tech Meets Caucasus Talents: A Success Story in Cybersecurity

Mobius Binary x Gegidze


Customer Details:

  • Customer Name: Mobius Binary

  • Industry/Category: Cybersecurity

  • Product/Service Used: Recruitment & Employer of Record

  • Results: 

    • Total number of hires through the year: 3 People

    • Total costs saved: 72'000 €/year

A Success Story in Cybersecurity


Have you ever scrolled through social media, swiped your credit card at a store, or used a public Wi-Fi network and felt a bit of unease? In today's digital age, convenience often comes with hidden risks. Our personal information, financial data, and even online identities are constantly under threat. 

Thankfully, companies like Mobius Binary are on the front lines, working to safeguard us from these silent dangers and prevent our everyday online experiences from turning into a Black Mirror episode.

About our UK client: Mobius Binary

So, behind the scenes of our everyday digital interactions, Mobius Binary keeps us safe. They act as digital detectives, examining a client's entire network and systems.

  • Rigorous Penetration Testing: Mobius finds system flaws before hackers do.

  • In-Depth System and Database Reviews: Mobius checks system setup to prevent costly mistakes.

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning: Mobius scans your network for weaknesses, stopping attacks proactively.

  • Strategic Consulting and Training: Mobius teaches cybersecurity best practices, protecting your entire company.

But Mobius Binary isn't just about serving their clients. They're deeply invested in their community.

This year, Mobius partnered with a British High Commission-funded initiative in Stellenbosch, South Africa, to give school leavers opportunities in the cybersecurity field. These individuals receive four months of in-depth training, access to essential software, laptops, and the invaluable guidance of experienced mentors.

At Gegidze, we're proud to collaborate with companies like Mobius Binary who demonstrate a genuine commitment to their community. 

Challenge of Mobius Binary

Mobius Binary operates globally, and its reach is something they take pride in. They understand the urgency of their work, often working against tight schedules to ensure their clients' security. The challenge? Balancing an increasing workload with the need to maintain quality and capacity, all while tirelessly seeking out the specialized talent necessary for success.

Mobius Binary x Gegidze

We're always on the lookout for companies we can help, and businesses struggling to find the perfect fit for those hard-to-fill roles.

We knew Mobius Binary was a leader in cybersecurity. We also knew the Caucasus region had a lot of hidden talent.  So, we decided to take a chance.

We sent Graeme, the Director of Mobius Binary, an email, and offered a solution. We told him Gegidze could help him find talented people to work for his company, even if they lived far away. These people wouldn't just be skilled.  They'd have the same expertise as top experts in Europe or the US, but at a much better price. 

And just like this, our partnership has started.

Search for a talent

Search for a talent

When we heard how much Mobius Binary needed to find those top cybersecurity experts, we got excited. Challenges like that are what we live for!  That's when our Georgian network really shines. And you know, the harder the search, the more determined we become.  Finding the perfect fit for Mobius Binary – that's what would have made our day.” Valerian Gegidze - CEO of Gegidze

So, we get to work leaving no stone unturned until we find the right people.

The Problem we faced

The Problem we faced

We started looking for candidates, but those early leads didn't quite fit their needs. That's where teamwork mattered. Mobius Binary gave us detailed feedback, helping us get closer with each search. It was like solving a puzzle together.

saved in hiring

72'000 €/year saved in hiring

It started small – just one hire to see if we were a good match. But, access to a wide range of talent and our careful approach paid off. Soon, we helped Mobius Binary build a dedicated team of security experts!

While the financial savings of X Euros were substantial, the true success of this collaboration lies in the exceptional professionals we secured through our partnership with Mobius Binary.

More than just business

More than just business

It’s not about building the business, but a relationship, based on trust. But, we didn't just help Mobius Binary. This project helped Gegidze, too. We dove deep into the complex world of security testing and analysis. It made us a stronger company. That's the power of partnership!

This story is a reminder that teamwork wins the day. Honest communication, a willingness to adapt, and a drive to do what's right – that's how you solve major problems and build lasting relationships.


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