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Natix x Gegidze: Revolutionizing Web3 with Top Georgian Talents 

Natix x Gegidze

  • Customer Details:

    • Customer Name: Natix GmbH

    • Industry/Category: Web3, Technology, Information, and Internet

  • Product/Service Used: Outstaffing 

  • Results: 

    • Total number of team hired through the years: 10 People

    • Total costs saved over the year: €112,800.00 EUR

Total costs saved over the year

About the Client

NATIX specializes in delivering user-friendly IoT software solutions tailored for cities and industries. The company's innovative AI technology effortlessly converts any camera into an intelligent, privacy-compliant device. The visionary team behind NATIX has recently developed NATIX Network, an unprecedented platform that taps into 45 billion existing cameras, establishing the largest crowd-sourced camera network to date.

The Story

At Gegidze, we're really proud of working with innovative companies that are not just clients but partners in a shared journey. One such inspiring partnership has been with Natix, a relationship that blends technology, trust, and human connections.

Our story begins in the autumn of 2020. As you know, the world was dealing with the uncertainties of Covid-19. And right in the middle of this, we were just starting out the staffing services. 

“Those days were all about small steps and big hopes,” remembers Vako, our CEO

With just a few clients on board, every new connection was a step towards growth. After we got to know some clients in Berlin, we thought, 'Why not tell more people about what we do?' So, we put out a cold outreach campaign on LinkedIn. Little did we know, a LinkedIn campaign would lead us to Natix.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Natix is located in Hamburg, and just by chance, Valerian (Vako) was planning to visit Hamburg with his family right around the time our ad went live.

With bottles of Georgia’s finest in his luggage, he heads off to Hamburg, excited about the chance to meet the team behind Natix

Total number of team hired through the years

So there's Vako, arriving in Hamburg, geared up for a meeting that's about to be anything but ordinary.

“It's a chilly night outside in Hamburg. We’ve got the windows open due to safety, and we are all masked up like a trio of secret agents. But instead of spying, we are talking about business, and tech.” - Valerian Gegidze.

Building the Relationship

It took time for our working relationship to really take off. True to their German culture, Natix took two months before sending their first request. But once the collaboration began, it was clear that we were on the same page. Natix was on the lookout for top-notch quality without breaking the bank, and that's exactly what we were all about – delivering great quality within the best budget.

Alireza, Co-founder and CEO , shared his insights on why Georgia became their choice for collaboration.

"We were drawn to the Georgian market for several key reasons. The quality of engineers and the talent there stood out immediately. Also, the cost-effectiveness of their services and the time zone alignment made Georgia, and Caucasus an obvious choice for our partnership."

Germany and Georgia map

Overcoming Challenges

The collaboration wasn't without its challenges. Natix's focus on computer vision meant they needed specific talents, a rarity at the time in Georgia. But, we love a good challenge. It pushes us to get creative and think outside the box. So, we rolled up our sleeves and started the search for these rare talents which led us to hiring talents in Armenia for the first time. Since then, we hired marketing, operations, and tech specialized talents for them.

what positions did they hire from caucasus georgia

A big decision

A significant turning point in this journey was the decision to meet during the pandemic.

"Both of our companies were in the startup phase. We both had families and kids. Choosing to meet in person was risky, but it showed how much we trusted and were committed to each other," Vako explains.

Feedback and Adaptation

Natix was demanding, but in the best way possible. Their feedback was direct, helping and helped us get a clear picture of what Natix was looking for and how we could work together even better. Listening to them and changing things up based on what they said was key to making everything work out.

"Whenever we faced a challenge, we immediately turned to your team. Vako, in particular, showed remarkable flexibility, ensuring we found a resolution effectively. The priority was always to resolve any problem, and your team always managed this efficiently and with great care." Alireza recalls.

Alireza Ghods

Exceeding Expectations

The best part of working together was how some of the people we found for Natix became part of their main team. Later on, they even got to be part-owners of Natix by getting shares in the company. This was a huge win for everyone. It showed how well we did together, helping each other grow and succeed more than we first thought we could.

“We value our collaboration so much. It felt customized to our needs, not just a one-size fits-all solution like you might get from other talent providers. Thar personalized approach made all the difference” - Alireza, Co-founder and CEO of Natix.

Maintaining the Bond

It’s never just about the work. We've shared meals, stories, and laughs. They’ve hung out at my restaurant in Berlin; we’ve welcomed them in Georgia. This is the stuff that goes way beyond emails and deadlines.


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