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Diamond Projects

Sales-oriented campaign for residential real estate company

Client: Diamond Projects

Industry: Real Estate

Home, sweet home

Diamond project

The company is a part of a group of companies operating in Israel, Poland, and Georgia, established in 1962 by Mr. Abraham Olshevitzky. The group has an excellent reputation and financial stability, currently developing and building more than 700 residential units. The company employs top engineers and professional staff with Over 55 years of experience.

The company's main sales channels were Social media, so we built a communication strategy based on the sales plan with the call to action strive the content represented the competitive advantages of the construction company and the benefits of living in the Vake Diamond residence.

The purchase of a home in a high-end district of Tbilisi is a long process where people need time to make a decision, so we decided to make a digital strategy based on consistent posting and special deals through the 6 month campaign period.

Our goal was to get the attention of the potential customers and give them the information they were looking for - the Special price, the perks of living in Vake Diamond, the view from the building, payment options & cooperation with banks to get the loan. Placing the phone number on the Social media posters worked as the best call to action solution, the phone was ringing without stopping after every new post.

Result - In cooperation with the company sales team, we managed to sell more than 70% of the flats in the Vake Diamond just in 9 months. The project was a success not only by achieving the sales targets but also the highest ROI in our work history.


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