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CEC - The Central election commission of Georgia

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business. - Steve Forbes

Indeed, your brand is arguably one of your organization's most vital assets. It gives your organization an identity, makes your business memorable, encourages consumers to buy from you, supports your marketing and advertising, and brings your employees pride.

That's why CEC - Central Election Committee of Georgia decided to refresh its brand in collaboration with Gegidze.

What is CEC?

The Election Administration of Georgia is an administrative body which, within its authority, is independent of other state bodies and operates in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

The election administration organizes the elections of the President of Georgia, Parliament of Georgia, municipal representative body - Sakrebulo, municipal executive body - mayor elections, referendum, and plebiscite.

In this case study, we'll tell you how we helped this organization bring a new life to its brand. Check our Visual Identity services here.

Visual Refresh


CEC wanted its brand to be more modern and appealing to younger generations. So they requested to refresh the brand visually.

They also wanted to appear more transparent and open in their visual communication, which brings us to how we refreshed their logo.


Logo Refresh

We worked on two parts of the logo - the symbol and the typography. The symbol is a box that demonstrates the ballot box used during elections.

ared more open on the inside. And to make the brand more modern and appealing to the youth, we modernized the logo's colors and typography.


We chose more contemporary font in both Georgian and English versions of the logo’s typography.

cesko typo

We offered CEC different variations of logo usage for diverse style backgrounds.

cesko brandmark

Our color choices were modern and neat.

corporate color palette

For secondary colors, we chose shades that were complementary to the brand’s main colors.

cesko secondary color palette

Website Renewal


Most of the web pages of public entity bodies in Georgia are similar and need to be more intuitive for ordinary people. The essence of the task was to make the web page attractive, clean, and understandable. We worked on UI stuff and made the visual appearance neat. Check our Website Development services here.


We aimed to bring the web's look and feel into more familiar patterns, meaning the web should lose its technical nature and get more joyful and colorful designs. With this in mind, we started to make rounded shapes and objects. As well as imbued with the idea of what problems the visitor would solve with the new webpage.


We combined rounded icons and shapes and added brighter colors that brought new life to the web. The motivation was to showcase the connection between dark and bright colors and how much contrast can affect a web's attractiveness, highlighting the web in the best light.


In the beginning, we started working on header enhancement. CEC wanted it to be friendly and visually appealing with advanced spacing.

cesko website


The hero section is one of the most essential parts of the web page, so we decided to make it cleaner by adding some patterns and contract tones. We had two options for patterns (grey and green). With stakeholders, we reached the agreement to use the green one.

casko website page


The icons on the right needed a refresh. In the entire web page, we used broken stylish icons which add a new look and feel to the web.

cesko icons


Cards take a central place on the web page. We tried to make the user focus firstly on the four big cards and afterward on the small ones. With this in mind, we granted each of them different colors, adding a healthier look and feel to this section.

cesko cards

Small Cards

The following section is a place for small cards. There are 12 small cards with different styles and stroke weights. We tried to manage all of them neatly and cleanly and used light tones of brand colors.

cesko website functions


The former menu bar needed to be more intuitive and reflect brand colors as it should. We decided to make it neat, simple, and clean.

cesko menu


We introduced a new calendar keeping brand colors and rounded shapes. Besides, I tried to maintain white background and contrast color tones.


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