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Creative campaign for the sports drink

Client: Oshee Georgia

Industry: Food & Beverage

Live, Fight, Win


We have integrated the brand slogan - “live, fight, win“ into the Georgian culture and showed what values Oshee stands for.

A series of video commercials were created to represent the idea behind the Oshee lifestyle.

Live - achieve the balance in life

Fight - find freedom in the dance

Win - find the hero in yourself

The campaign continued with an influencers video: "What's your color of victory?" We have interviewed experts from different fields: Olympic champion and 3 times world record holder, Founder of the premium shoe comp

any founder of a charity fund, Captain of the girl rugby team & famous actress.

We also did a photo shoot for outdoor advertising. Banners were placed in the sports and fitness centers at gyms throughout the city. The championships and tournaments sponsored by the Oshee have also been covered by the campaign banners.

And to make communication in social media even more interesting and engaging, we decided to make the Oshee products come alive and create funny comics.

Result - As the campaign was launched, the company sales plan for 6 months was accomplished in 2.5 months. The shops and even the warehouse got literally out of stock. Oshee became the market leader in Georgia in sports drinks.


Producer: Valerian Gegidze

Creative Director: Beka Khvartskhava

Production: George Tkebuchava, Dima Konjaria

Copywriter: George Osefashvili, Maka Berbichashvili, Beka Kvartskhava

Set Manager: George Osefaishvili

Make-Up: Ana Gadelia, Nancy Gadelia

Costume Design: Tamara Giorgadze

Sound Design: Dima Konjaria

Color Correction: George Tkebuchava

Graphic Design & Illustrator: Vera Poderskaya


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