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Digital Design Services For Startups & SMBs

There's no limit to what you can get designed. So whether you're looking for a spectacular new logo or some stunning prints, the talented global community of high-quality designers at Gegidze can make it happen

Digital Design Services For Startups & SMBs

Digital design services

Rebrand your business with the most effective and creative graphic designs from the industry's top designers. Find the exemplary design service below and get the design you'll love today!

Social Media Design Services

Social Media Design Services

Our experienced designers deliver personalized social media design solutions to boost your visibility on multiple social media platforms. As a result, we develop a powerful bond between your brand and its customers.

Advertising Design Services

Advertising Design Services

If you want to have eye-catching ads with outstanding visuals that can make anyone buy your products or services.

UI/UX Experience Design Services

UI/UX Experience Design Services

With our user-centric graphic design services, you can win the hearts of many potential & current audiences. We create graphic designs with the best user experience that boosts the engagement of your visitors.

Web Design Services

Web Design Services

We have your back if you want your website to have relatable, impactful, and relevant graphics. Advance your visitors' web experience by implementing our design into your business website interface.

Digital Branding Design Services

Digital Branding Design Services

Get the brand expertise you need, however, you need it, from brand development to custom branding solutions. Plug a fully-stacked design team into your business to create unforgettable branding.


Kester Bischoff

Kester Bischoff
CEO @ eBazaaris

</ When working with Gegidze Agency, we experienced a highly professional setup, fast and reliable communication and a high quality service. We can only recommend working with Gegidze Agency and looking forward to future corporations ourselves>

Our process

Get to Work With Us

Collaborate with our talented graphic designers and share your needs with them to achieve your goals

Get the Results

Enjoy the results, and come back for more!

Get in Touch

Select and sign up for a creative plan that matches your needs. Meet and communicate with your very own client success manager

Get Your Materials

Receive the work done and utilize it to level up your online presence

See our works in action

Why us

The Best Rates

Getting the work done with Gegidze is much faster than hiring internally and about half the cost.

Top Talents

Get a flexible, creative team of experienced specialists who've worked on numerous projects

Timely Communication

After you submit your brief, feedback and revisions are managed promptly and thoroughly

No Hidden Fees

You get what you expect with no surprises or additional costs

Benefits of Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than just appearances and provides several benefits besides making your brand look good. Its importance is often overlooked, but good design can bring name-worthy business benefits.

When used wisely, graphic design can expand your company's marketing through visual communication, giving it greater power to educate, persuade, or inform your audience. Here we listed some of the benefits:

Benefits of Graphic Design


You want your company to make a memorable first impression. Using logos, pictures, and design can assist in creating a professional image of your company in the eyes of your target audience. When properly applied, the graphic design contributes to visual consistency through your marketing, establishing your company's identity and brand awareness.

Trust and Loyalty

A well-designed brand helps create a professional appearance that builds trust and credibility, which is critical to growing your business.

Your brand cultivates unity and commitment among your employees by providing them with an identity and values to promote. Trust plays a critical role in convincing buyers about the quality of your products or services. Companies that thrive have developed a brand that is trusted. Sound design is vital in creating communication that can enhance that trust.


The graphic design extends beyond establishing identity and brand recognition. It can be very effective at attracting attention and encouraging your audience to want to learn more. It also can be employed to produce visual aids that can better help you communicate your ideas. An informative image can transmit ideas that cannot be stressed enough with words alone. You can use professionally designed images to create a positive impression and help strengthen your message.

Sales and Market Position

With good graphic design, you gain high visibility and can convert your audience into clients, boosting revenue. All the above things can contribute to one decisive outcome: more sales for your company.


Design helps create your visual identity, which reflects your company's values and mission. Your company's branding begins with a great logo. Then, it expands to every aspect of your business communications, whether stationery, presentation templates, brochures, ads, websites, or videos. All of these things work together to build your identity and brand recognition. Your brand should connect instantly to your company's mission, values, and the products and services you offer, and good graphic design can forge that connection.

A Strategic Investment

Running a business is a long-term commitment. In today's ever-growing market, standing out is a big challenge. Using good design to build your brand's identity is a smart way to communicate who you are and what you do.
The use of sound design can improve many aspects of your business. Contact us to learn how Gegidze can help you elevate your communication, marketing, and brand with the help of graphic design.

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