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Laboratory My Home

Sales-oriented digital campaign for a furniture shop

Client: Laboratory my Home

Industry: Furniture

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Laboratory my home sales

"Georgia is one of the countries where the music videos on Youtube have more views than fun & entertainment"- this interesting tip was shared with us by the head of branding of Youtube. Based on this information, we have decided to target our Youtube pre-roll video campaign on music lovers. The content was also distributed on Facebook, outdoor banners & movie theatres. According to the research we conducted, the decision about purchasing home furniture 82% of families is made by women, as for office furniture, men make 67% of decisions, so we targeted our ads accordingly.

Result - The campaign was planned to run for 6 weeks, from the 1st of December till the 14th of January. After 3 weeks after the launch, we got a call from the CMO of the brand with the request to stop the campaign, as all the products had been sold.

Credits Producer: Valerian Gegidze Creative Director: Beka Khvartskhava Production: George Tkebuchava, Dima Konjaria Copywriter: George Osefashvili, Maka Berbichashvili, Beka Kvartskhava Set Manager: George Osefaishvili Make-Up: Ana Gadelia, Nancy Gadelia Sound Design: Dima Konjaria Color Correction: George Tkebuchava Graphic Design & Illustrator: Grumpy cat


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