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Meet Our Partnerships Manager | Giorgi Gamsakhurdashvili

Giorgi is our partnerships manager. His job is to find the best companies anyone could work for.

Take a look at his interview to get to know him better.

Giorgi Gamsakhurdashvili

- What do you like most about your job?

- Freedom. No one makes you do something in a certain way. No one will hold you back if you have a better solution to fix the problem.

- How do you explain to your grandparents what you do for a living?

- I say that I make people's lives better.

- In three words, how do your friends describe you?

- Energetic, Passionate, workaholic

- Which is your favorite food/dish?

- Anything that's made out of MEAT.

- What does success mean to you?

- Doing something that you like. And winning, too, I like winning 😀

- What is your go-to productivity advice?

- Write down what you want and how to do a certain task. Do it step by step.

- What motivates you to work hard?

- If you like what you do, there is no need for motivation.

- What is your favorite free time activity?

- Playing guitar & listening to music. Movies are nice too.

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