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Search Engine Optimization Services for Startups and SMBS

Rocket traffic to your website and increase your sales with our SEO services.  Get an SEO strategy tailored to your business, world-class technologies, and an elite SEO team

SEO Services in Georgia Caucasus
What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO, aka search engine optimization, is a set of methods that help websites rank high on search engine results pages for relevant search phrases. With an intelligent SEO strategy, you can upgrade your site's quality and quantity of traffic through organic search results

SEO services at Gegidze

SEO Audit

A website SEO audit acts as the foundation of your SEO strategy.

Auditing your site enables your dedicated SEO expert to notice areas of improvement and opportunities for your SEO plan. That's why our SEO experts start with a technical SEO audit before crafting your plan.

Your dedicated manager will look at the following as a part of your SEO audit:

  • Your website

  • Your website analytics

  • Your Google Search Console data

  • And more

  • Our SEO team uses various SEO tools for the best results and insight into your company's site. We can audit and supply your organization with a competitive SEO strategy with these resources.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Gegidze is an SEO consultancy that takes time to comprehend your niche. Thus, We can boost your ranking for specific search terms.

First, your SEO professional will analyze your website's ranking keywords. Then, they will take your keyword wishlist and perform additional keyword research. This way, we can build a list that suits your website and the market the most.

Technical SEO

Rankings can improve with optimizations on your site's back end, such as improving page speed. Fixing these errors makes it simpler for search engines to crawl your business' site. And when you make search engines satisfied, your rankings can make you even more comfortable!

Get access to 3000+ world class talent

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We are the largest network of top technology, design, marketing and business talent in the Caucasus and the emerging digital hubs

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On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a vital part of all SEO tactics. You need to optimize your site for on-page SEO aspects if you're looking to appear in various search engines.

On-page SEO means performing SEO on your organization's website.

That refers to focusing on factors like a content, speed, and design of your web pages. SEO tactics can also target off-page SEO features.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is critical in establishing brand credibility and increasing online popularity. Collaborate with our SEO company and let us help you showcase your industry expertise. We leverage link-building and digital marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings.

Link Building

Backlinks are a massive component of ranking higher in search results, not just any link! Therefore, you should partner with an SEO company like Gegidze, which has a dedicated link-building team and connections with many high-quality and relevant websites.

Content Writing

Content is what ranks in search engines, so without it, an effective SEO campaign is nearly impossible.

Content creation is based on your keyword research. It includes the terms that you deem to be the most important to your business and industry. Whether you operate your business online or offline, you can use content to reach and convert your target audience.

Many kinds of content, from blog posts to online guides, benefit your website

For example, a manufacturing SEO strategy may use blog posts to reach business buyers in the early stages of the buying funnel and online guides for buyers in the later stages. With content, companies can target every step of the buying funnel. Here are some of the most popular content and how they can benefit your site visitors.

Blog Content Writing Services

Google loves fresh content, so naturally, blogs are a great option since you update and add to them often. Blogs are usually short content, around 1000 words or less, that gives a personal insight into an industry-related topic. People love to follow blogs because they contain helpful tips and personalized information for your target customers.

Blog Content Writing Services
Services description pages

Services description pages

Service pages are pages on your website that detail the services you offer. These are beneficial because potential clients love to read about what they're getting before they commit. Besides, your service pages are a great place to inform visitors about what's included in your service offerings, pricing for those services, and more.

Product pages

Much like service pages, product pages give descriptions and images of the products you offer. These pages inform users about the items you sell and include information like dimensions, color availability, size availability, ingredients, or materials. These pages are vital as they can make or break your sales depending on the information you provide.

Product pages
Longform content

Longform content

Longform content is over 2000 words long and provides valuable, beneficial content to readers about your field. The point of long-form content is a comprehensive look into a complex topic. It provides the only resource a user should need to understand that subject fully. With optimized content, keyword targeting, and a dedicated SEO expert, Gegidze can give your business a competitive SEO plan. This strategy can provide a stable source of revenue for your company.

Let's create something great together

let's create SEO Together

​​Dedicated SEO professionals

Hire dedicated SEO consultants from the Caucasus region. We entitle you to entirely devoted SEO professionals who work exclusively for you. As a result, all your SEO work is taken care of, and the results are bound to yield more than just visibility and rankings.

Gegidze's dedicated SEO consultants convert your web pages into a digital brand identity! We bring organic content rich in keywords and high traffic through search engines to your site through our strategic digital marketing plan implementation.

​​Dedicated SEO professionals


How does SEO work?

SEO involves improving your website by searcher's needs and Google's algorithms. The letter aims to rank the most relevant, helpful content for users. SEO's goal is to make your website easier for search engine crawlers and users to comprehend and make your site more valuable to visitors.SEO encompasses diverse techniques that focus on adding suitable keywords to your content, making your site more user-friendly, and much more.

What affects your SEO ranking?

High-quality content / Mobile-first / Page Experience / Page speed / On-page optimization / Internal links /External links

Will blogging help SEO?

Blogging helps enhance SEO quality by positioning your website as a suitable solution to your customer's issues. Moreover, blog posts with various on-page SEO strategies can give you more chances to rank higher in search engines and make your website more appealing to visitors.

Is SEO better than paid advertising?

SEO is more effective for local searches and can grow your online presence for a more extended period. On the other hand, pay-per-click (PPC) is an acquisition strategy. It requires you to spend ad money to get your content in front of an audience when they search for specific keywords online.

How long does SEO take?

SEO should demonstrate results within a 6- to 12-month time. By results, we mean a measurable increase in traffic and quality leads. Of course, you may still need to achieve your goal by this point. Still, any business that is investing in SEO strategies can expect progress within this timeframe.

What are SEO best practices?

SEO best practices are a set of efforts designed to help improve a website's search engine ranks. Standard search engine optimization best practices involve on-site optimization, researching keywords, and building backlinks to a site.

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