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Expert Staff Augmentation Services

Unlock business growth with the best certified Developers, top marketing and design experts from Georgia. Empower Your Team for Success

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Trusted by 60+ agencies, startups and brands globally

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How we can help your business

Problem and solution

With our service, we help companies overcome barriers and achieve new levels

Hire a freelancer

No more lack of access to qualified talents with the required skills

We provide an international network of top digital talents from the Caucasus region with diverse experience levels like entry, middle, senior and expert levels. Our talents have full professional proficiency in the English language.

Lengthy search & recruitment processes

Say goodbye to lengthy search and recruitment processes

You spend 0 hours on search or recruitment processes. We introduce you to the talent that matches your company's exact requirements within 2 weeks time frame

Lack of motivation and high outflow

Leave the lack of motivation and churn in common roles behind

We help you to hire highly motivated talents thanks to our value-driven employment and community activities.

High costs of recruitment

Beat the high costs of recruitment and employment

Collaborating with a staff augmentation agency is a go-to choice to save your company’s funds, but partnering up with Gegidze is even better as our services cost 50-75% less than what it would cost to hire a professional from Europe or the US with the same skillset and expertise.

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Get access to 3500+ verified talents 

Our talents are distributed among the affordable digital hubs 

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Image by Ganna Aibetova

relocated to Georgia

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Historic Coastal District


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South Africa

Our developers, marketers and designers  have previously worked on projects of


Our approach

The right fit

We provide talents that match your company's exact requirements in education, professional skillset, experience, language skills ,etc.

Transparent fees

You get a full cost breakdown of talent salary, taxes, and staff augmentation service costs. No hidden charges and extra fees


You are free to implement your company culture, processes, and work ethic

High costs of recruitment


Hiring a suitable expert for your roles costs approximately 50-75% less at Gegidze than in Europe & USA 


Full compliance with the GDPR and international labor law

Why us?


Direct Employment

Classical Outsourcing

Freelance Platforms

Time to hire

3-6 months

2-3 weeks

>2 weeks

Risk free trial




Failure rate








Knowledge drain




Termination Rate


Low / Medium


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<2 weeks


Very low




We focus on value-driven employment

Besides paying the most competitive salaries in the Caucasus market, we also provide our talents with the best work conditions to maintain their job satisfaction and motivation

Talent success

Our super positive, dedicated talent managers are in direct contact with talents and consults them in diverse ways throughout their career development.


Regular communication and surveys help us track talent happiness rate and their needs. 

We also provide talent management tools for tasks time tracking, leave management, and project management

Team up
Talent success

How it works

Get in touch

Tell us about our needs, fill in the form, or book a meeting slot directly - Whatever works for you!

Discovery meeting

An expert on our team will meet you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics

Hand-selected talent

We provide you with the top 3 candidates to choose from our talent pool, based on your exact requirements within 2 weeks

Talent pool

200+ talents divided into 4 seniority levels, from Junior to expert, based on the years of experience

it tech services


> Full-stack Developer

> Front-end Developer

> Dedicated Mobile App Developers

> Back-end Developer

> WordPress Developer

> Software Architect

> Cloud Architect

> Machine Learning Developer

> AI Developer

> IoT Developer

> DevOps

> Product Owner

> Business Intelligence

> Data Analyst

> Quality Assurance Tester

Marketing services


> Digital Marketer

> Copywriter

> Performance Marketer

> Media Buyer

> Social Media Marketer

> SEO Specialist

> Content Manager

> Creative Director

> Video Editor

> Photo Editor

> Sound Editor

design ui ux services


> Graphic Designers

> VR Designer

> UI/UX Designers

> Data Visualization 

> UX Researchers

> Mobile and Web Web Application Designers

operations and management

Operations & Management

> Finance Product Manager

> Financial Analyst

> Business Analysis

> Startup Consultants

> Banking Consultants


Maria Eelmets

Maria Eelmets
Talent Acquisition Lead @ ADM interactive

Tallinn, Estonia

</ it’s never just the product or the service, it’s the people behind it. We’ve had great communication between our internal teams and Gegidze. We’ve found that our cultures, values and ideas are often similar and that makes it easy to communicate in the best way >

Read case study >

Let's create something great together

let's create

What are the benefits of staff augmentation?

Hire experienced talents

Growing your staff with certified professionals at the height of their careers allows you to assign projects and tasks confidently. Experienced professionals won't need much assistance or training. They bring their considerable skills to your project, saving your precious time and enabling you to focus on other matters.


You can assign projects to our remote talents or teams and reach your business goals efficiently.

Choose the most needed skills

Targeting the required skills allows you to get efficient professionals timely and for an affordable price. Moreover, you won't have to hire a worker and hope they have the right expertise for the position. Instead, you'll be able to pick and choose the right talent with the exact skill set your company needs.

Let's create something great together

Cut costs, not quality

A permanent hire will probably not be cost-effective if you know you are working on fixed short term project. Even a single full-time employee will cost you tons of money, among the compensation, benefits, and tax expenses. Staff augmentation allows you to engage a talent when you need one – without the long-term, costly commitment.

Get an objective opinion

Bringing a short-term staff member into your company or project lets you receive a fresh look and an objective perspective on how things are going in your business

The ability to hire a short-term professional for the projects you need helps saving both finances and time. You can save these precious resources on recruiting and entrust this process to us completely. Hiring the desired staff with us is 50-75 percent cheaper than in other companies

Save time and money


What are the types of staff augmentation models?

There are two major kinds of this hiring model: short-term and long-term cooperation:

  • Short-term services are a go-to when the demand for developers increases or in-house specialists are on vacation or sick leave.

  • Long-term services, on the other hand, are more optimal for more extended projects, typically used to fill a skill gap, reduce operational expenses, or when the in-house hiring process is too lengthy.

Where can I hire augmented staff for my projects?

At Gegidze, we offer skilled talents who can work remotely and are fluent in English from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine (we have relocated our talents from Ukraine to Georgia).

Which services are included in staff augmentation?

Our staffing services include: nearshoring, IT outsourcing, hiring freelancers, dedicated teams, Employer of Record (EOR), and IT outstaffing.

What is the difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing?

The essence of staff augmentation is to add staff to your team based on the additional skills required in the given project. Outsourcing enables your business to execute its entire project with another company's resources. Thus, it is necessary skills (hiring a specialist for a specific period of time) vs. essential tasks to be done (hiring an entire team or a company to do it for you).

How much do Staff Augmentation Services cost?

Expenses related to staff augmentation services can differ depending on the path you choose to do it. If you want to hire the right person with minimal fees, then you should definitely reach out to Gegidze. We offer staff augmentation services at much lower prices than it would cost you to hire a professional with the same skills and experience from Europe or the US.

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