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An all-inclusive B2B service to scale up your business with qualified talents in tech, design, and marketing from the Caucasus region

Software Engineer
Anri Shakiashvili is an experience designer at Gegidze Creative Agency
UX Researcher
David Pertia is a product owner at Gegidze creative Agency
Product owner
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Machine Learning
Tatia bebua is a managing partner at Gegidze creative Agency
Data Scientist
Mariam Arsenashvili is a content manager at Gegidze creative Agency
Content Manager
Giorgi Kalandia is a digital marketing lead at Gegidze creative Agency
Performance Marketer
Nincho Veltauri is a graphic designer at Gegidze creative Agency
Graphic Designer
Tako Gegidze content manager
Community manager

Trusted by 60+ agencies, brands & startups in Europe

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How we can help you

Hire a freelancer

Staff augmentation

Grow your team with top-notch talents from our verified network, who are available remotely for your projects. 

Team Augmentation

Dedicated team

Assemble tailored teams, according to your company and project individual requirements

Fixed Scope projects

We deliver the final product based on your requirements,  within the agreed budget and deadline.

Problem and solution

We built this service based on the common problems of the talent market

Lack of access to qualified talents with the required skills 

We provide an international network of top digital talents from the South Caucasus region with verified/tested experience and good English language skills

Lengthy search & recruitment processes

You spend 0 hours searching or recruiting. We introduce you to the talent that matches your company's exact requirements in under 2 weeks

High costs of recruitment & employment

With us, you only pay for the actual work done, which costs at least 2 times less than you are currently paying.

Lack of motivation and churn in common roles

You get talents with the boost of motivation thanks to our value-driven employment and community activities

Our approach

right fit of the talent into the team

We provide talents that match your company's exact requirements in education, experience, language skills, etc.

The right fit

full compliace wih the GDPR and European lab law

You get a full cost breakdown of talent salary, taxes

and company fee


transparent management
transparent managemen


You are free to implement your company culture, processes, and work ethic

50-75% less than in Europe & USA

Pricing that costs 50-75% less than in Europe and USA


full compliace wih the GDPR and European lab law
full compliace wih the GDPR and European lab law

Full compliance with the GDPR and international labor law


What differs us from all others


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Direct Employment

Classical Outsourcing

Freelance Platforms

Time to hire

<2 weeks

3-6 months

2-3 weeks

>2 weeks

Risk free trial





Failure rate

Very low









Knowledge drain





Termination Rate



Low / Medium


We focus on value-driver employment

Besides paying the most competitive salaries in the Caucasus market, we also provide our talents with the best work conditions to keep their happiness rate always on the top level.

Private health insurance

Premium insurance package for all our talents

Work from anywhere

Our talents can work remotely or from our 24/7 office space in Tbilisi, Georgia

Hardware that talents love

We equip our talents with laptops that meet their work requirements

Gym membership

Healthy body, healthy mind. We provide our talents with a gym membership pass.


We provide our talents with the required training and language courses to keep their skills up to date.