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What will 2022 bring to Digital Marketing?

2021 is ending and it is already time to think about what will be next. With our experience, It's nearly impossible to predict what digital marketing will look like in the future, but there are some predictions.

In the past year or so, we have seen new technologies and a backlash in social media. Influencer marketing is maturing to become a powerful and viable marketing channel from its early days. What are the top digital marketing trends in 2022?

What will 2022 bring to Digital Marketing

Let's start with

Facebook Ads Are More Effective

Are you seeing something strange with many of the Facebook on-platform ad experiences (lead generation, Messenger ads, etc. )? They are more effective than ever. Facebook seems to have done some fancy footwork after the whole pixel disaster of 2021. Let's just hope this trend continues!

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of tracking, a stable Conversions API as well as an improved pixel.

As we all know, 2022 will bring a new age of shorter attention spans. Think short if you want to win. Videos should be easy to digest, informative, and entertaining. Some may be scathing about the popularity of platforms like TikTok and features like Reels, but it is clear that short-form, educational, and entertaining videos are here to stay.

Not just organic. Use those reels, TikToks, and put them into your ads. These are working extremely well. It's easy to combine short-form videos and good old-fashioned storytelling.

Video leads to organic Linkedin marketing

LinkedIn's Creator Mode was launched in 2021. It is more than a tool. It encourages and supports professionals and businesses to post more original content and enhance their brand messaging.

This is what you get when Creator Mode is on:

  • Your profile has been converted to a Follow account, and you are eligible to be listed as a suggested creator.

  • As LinkedIn releases new Creator tools, you get access. Creator Hub gives you early access to new features.

  • To increase visibility for your content, you can publish a LinkedIn newsletter.

  • LinkedIn Live is available to you without requiring you to apply.

  • LinkedIn adds a Topics You Post About section to your profile. It consists of five hashtags. LinkedIn will highlight your posts, show likes, and comment.

Our top prediction for LinkedIn 2022 is that the platform will be a more valuable place to post video marketing content and have a great ROI.

AI-Powered Marketing & Support Technology

Although artificial intelligence has been expanding the possibilities of digital marketing for a while, we are going to see exponential leaps over the next few decades.

Chatbots are set to become the standard for customer service and will replace live agents more often as machine learning algorithms get more complex and can emulate human beings with almost frightening accuracy.

Chatbots allow you to leverage this trend without putting additional strain on your resources and manpower.

Advertising is another area where AI is being used. Although it cannot achieve human creativity, Google already runs ads powered by AI. This allows them to optimize campaigns by automatically adjusting for user engagement based on the best-performing ad design and copy.

Augmented Reality is now commonplace

The 2016 Pokemon Go craze is still fresh in your mind. This mobile game was a great example of augmented reality and how it can be used in video games. It also provided a marketing opportunity for businesses, who jumped at the chance to sell to customers looking to catch a Pokemon.

Augmented reality is more than a fun game for gamers. Augmented reality is becoming a more popular tool for brands to reach their customers. Ikea offers a virtual reality catalog that allows you to place furniture pieces in your home. Fashion brands also use augmented reality to enable customers to try on clothes virtually from their homes.

Employee branding: Going back to basics

All these technological advances are exciting but we must not lose sight of the fundamental principles that make a great marketing strategy and a great company.

Employee activation allows your company to get the most out of each employee. They will act as ambassadors for your brand and help grow sales and conversions authentically and genuinely which is more powerful than any advertising campaign.

This is my opinion, the most important B2B Marketing Trend at the moment!

Recalling the micro-influencer trend, employees who are motivated will become micro-influencers for their company. They will be your most loyal cheerleaders if you can find people who share your brand values and are passionate about what you want to accomplish.

As technology becomes more important, organizations are realizing that they must be more human and activate the storytelling and organic sharing powers of their employees. This is the paradox of AI as we learn to compete with machines in this brave new world.

Where Do You Think Digital Marketing is Going?

Businesses can use these tried and true digital marketing methods as a guideline to help them decide which strategy to adopt to increase their digital marketing success. These formulas do not guarantee success. You will need to tweak your digital marketing strategy to maximize your ROI, and this is why we are here, ready to help you achieve your 2022 goals! See our contact page and let us create something great together!


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