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English C1


community digital marketing


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Professional Summary

I have had the privilege to be part of the gaming and crypto industries since the beginning of my career. Currently, I am working on a project that aims to transform the NFT gaming experience by introducing innovative and unique features. Additionally, I am involved in improving the use of cryptocurrencies for payments. I suggest businesses to consider accepting crypto payments, which can benefit both the community and the businesses themselves. Apart from my professional pursuits, I am a full-time student studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management.

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Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, Accounting and Finance Caucasus University

Certifications and Trainings


Gaming Outreach Specialist, Remāngu, Jul 2023 ‐ Current, 

Stockholm Sweden Strategic Business Development Manager,, Mar 2023 ‐ Current 

Co-Founder & CMO, PiratePets, Jan 2023 ‐ Current 

PiratePets - a blockchain-powered NFT game with unique gaming elements, including Move to Earn, Play to Earn, AR, and Metaverse Our platform connects traditional businesses with web3 users by allowing them to find in- game tokens while walking around and discovering treasure boxes, even in the branches of participating businesses. 

Growth Manager,, Feb 2023 ‐ Mar 2023, Tbilisi, Georgia 

Business Development Manager, Pyme, Sep 2022 ‐ Nov 2022, Tbilisi, 

Georgia Pyme is a web3 marketplace As part of this position, I was responsible for establishing relationships with web3 projects This included identifying target audiences, gathering insights on their needs and preferences, and implementing strategies to meet those needs I also played a key role in working with the development team to assess the requirements of our clients and identify the most suitable solutions to meet their needs Our ultimate aim was to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. 

Marketing Operations Specialist, Arena Games, Dec 2021 ‐ Aug 2022, Tbilisi, Georgia Web3 Platform 

In this role, I was in charge of all marketing efforts, including acquiring customers (B2C), forming partnerships with channels, promoting the brand, and handling communications and PR I identified the resources, tools, and necessary team skills to carry out the marketing plan and communicated with various stakeholders, such as journalists, representatives of NFT games, and influencers on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch I also had the opportunity to present the project at blockchain events. 

Marketing Manager, AnimatronX, Apr 2021 ‐ Dec 2021, Tbilisi, 

Georgia AnimatronX is a game development company In this role, I was responsible for designing and executing marketing campaigns to attract new players for VR multiplayer games on a global scale. I organized hackathons for local Youtubers and streamers and participated in international game event conferences, networking with global event organizers.


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