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DevOps Grafana docker Python Linux Kubernetes


Banking Telecommunications

Professional Summary

Candidate brings a solid background in infrastructure and DevOps, showcasing 6.5 years of experience in the field. Starting as a Systems Administrator for 1.5 years, they transitioned into the role of a DevOps Engineer, accumulating 5 years of expertise in this domain. A key aspect of their skill set is their proficiency in using Python for automation tasks, building pipelines, and creating command-line tools to enhance operational efficiency. Their proficiency extends to Bash scripting, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Linux, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of infrastructure as code, container orchestration, and system administration. This versatile skill set enables them to contribute to various aspects of DevOps practices. In the realm of cloud services, the candidate has practical experience with AWS, leveraging services such as S3, EC2, EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), IAM (Identity and Access Management), and Secret Manager. This indicates their familiarity with cloud infrastructure management and security practices. Their experience also encompasses working with databases, including PostgreSQL and MySQL, highlighting their capability to manage and maintain database systems, a crucial aspect of many DevOps responsibilities.

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Baku Slavic University, BSU / Bachelor's degree, International Relations and Affairs

2012 - 2016

Certifications and Trainings

Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure 5 - Nutanix

Issued Jan 2021

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) - Red Hat

Issued Dec 2019


Senior DevOps Engineer / Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dec 2021 - Present

Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Developed solution to automate Helm packaging and centralize GitLab pipeline management

  • Integrated dynamic dev environment on Kubernetes

  • Developed pipeline generator using Python for mono-repositories on GitLab

  • Developed new Load-balancing architecture for the multi-site environment

  • Developed new architecture for Kubernetes cluster in a multi-site environment

  • Integrated HashiCorp Vault

  • Integrated Observability as Code practice using Prometheus, Grafana, Alertmanager, Loki, Blackbox, and GitLab

  • Integrated GitOps using FluxCD and GitLab

  • Integrated Configuration as Code using Ansible and GitLab

  • Automated Kubernetes cluster provisioning using Kubespray

  • Automated VM provisioning on Nutanix using cloud-init and Python

DevOps Engineer / Veego


Dec 2022 - Jun 2023


  • Redesigned and optimized CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins.

  • Redesigned and optimized CI/CD pipelines in GitHub Actions.

  • Developed shared Terraform modules for provisioning AWS services.

Senior Linux and DevOps Engineer of Government Payment Portal / Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Aug 2019 - Dec 2021

Baku, Azerbaijan

  • Built new infrastructure for VMware, by configuring hardware from scratch, and performed a migration from physical servers to it

  • Developed new architecture for Java application servers

  • Developed internal tool for automating Java application instance life-cycle using Python and Ansible

  • Developed new Load Balancing architecture

  • Integrated Blue-Green deployment pipeline

  • Integrated internal services such as GitLab, Nextcloud, OnlyOffice, and Password Manager

  • Optimized DNS infrastructure

  • Optimized monitoring infrastructure

  • Built complex Grafana dashboards for business and infrastructure metrics

  • Hardened security of both Windows and Linux environments

Senior System Administrator / Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasts JSC

Feb 2019 - Aug 2019

Baku, Azerbaijan


  • Managed network, storage, backup, monitoring, Windows servers, Linux servers, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Broadcast servers

  • Curated help-desk team

  • Detected primary shortages and vulnerabilities, and eliminated those that do not require financial investments

  • Hardened security by configuring access control lists, firewall rules, key-based authentication, and security policies

  • Automated Active Directory administration using PowerShell scripts

  • Limited access to critical resources and delegated Active Directory administration tasks

  • Developed guides for system administrators and help-desk team

  • Prepared infrastructure for the Broadcasting of Baku 2019 European Youth Summer Olympic Festival and guided the technical team during the event


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