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WordPress Developer & PHP Developer




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English C1, Russian

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Tailwind CSS Javascript wordpress React.js node.js Laravel next.js MySQL NoSQL HTML SCSS LESS AJAX aws php CSS ACF


Leisure Travel & Tourism Recreation & Travel Legal Services Advertising Retail Legal

Professional Summary

Candidate is an experienced web developer with over a decade in the field, initially specializing in PHP and WordPress, focusing on custom themes, plugins, and utilizing Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) for German firms. Their expertise extends to front-end technologies, including React, Next.js, and Vue.js as needed. They have also worked extensively with Node.js for backend development, adapting to various requirements over 6 to 7 years. Their recent experiences include collaborating with a retail company and an American entity, leveraging WordPress for static pages and backend data retrieval, integrating Node.js and SCSS for styling, and adapting to new tools like Parcel and NginX configurations. Their versatile skill set encompasses modern web development practices, showcasing adaptability and proficiency across diverse projects.

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Tbilisi State University / Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

2014 - 2017

Certifications and Trainings


Senior Full Stack Web Developer 

Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism

Oct 2023 - Present

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • As a Full-Stack Developer, I specialize in creating dynamic and user-centric web applications, leveraging a comprehensive skill set in both front-end and back-end development. 

  • My expertise encompasses a deep understanding of PHP and MySQL for robust server-side development, coupled with advanced proficiency in React.js and Next.js for crafting responsive and interactive user interfaces. 

  • I effectively integrate WordPress to develop and manage content-driven websites, ensuring seamless user experiences. 

  • Additionally, my proficiency in Git enables me to maintain efficient version control and collaborate seamlessly with teams, contributing to the streamlined and successful execution of projects.

Senior Web Developer 

Industry: Retail

Jan 2023 - Present

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • As a Senior Developer with extensive experience in full-stack web development, I have successfully led numerous projects to completion, leveraging a diverse technology stack including Node.js, React, PHP, Next.js, HTML5, and CSS3. 

  • My role involved architecturing and implementing high-performance web applications, ensuring both scalability and responsiveness. I excel in translating business requirements into technical solutions, optimizing application performance for maximum speed and scalability, and ensuring crossbrowser compatibility. 

  • My commitment to best practices and continuous learning has driven the successful delivery of complex projects, significantly improving user experience and operational efficiency. 

  • My proactive approach to problem-solving and ability to work collaboratively in fast-paced environments have been instrumental in delivering projects that consistently exceed expectations.

Senior Web Developer 

Industry: Software Development

Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • As a senior developer i was responsible to create comapy's marketing department website.

  • Mainly I was focusing on adding new features to existing website and also recreating whole website with new technologies. 

  • In the existing website i was creating custom gutenberg blocks, custom plugins(for example: "Invoice Processing and Payment Cost Calculator"). 

  • Technologies ive used: php, mysql, react, html5, css, javascript, jquery, ajax, SaSS

Senior Web Developer 

Industry: Advertising Services

Mar 2022 - Oct 2022

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Company combines 2 systems. first one is the main website built with wordpress and second system (Companies dashboard) built with Laravel. 

  • On the main website there are booking system where you book online seminars, online store for E-books, job posting platform and also clients company rating systems (companies can register and get ranking depending on many things. for example customers' clicks, time they spent on company profile and etc.). my main focus fos users dashboard, online booking system, and company ranking systems. 

  • Website mostly was built with gutenberg custom blocks. 

  • On the second system i was working on company dashboard, company verification system. Technologies ive used: php, wordpress, react, html5, css, ajax, jQuery, Less, Bootstrap, javascript, MySql

Senior Web Developer 

Industry: Legal Services

Mar 2020 - Jan 2022

Berlin, Germany

  • This platform helps customers register business from anywhere to almost anywhere.  So as a senior developer my main goal was to create website and backend system(companies online office). and then connect them with API (built by me). website itself wasnt hard to built. ive created whole website with custom gutenberg blocks. backend system was pretty hard. 

  • I have created company verification system, company's customer management system, accounting calculations and etc. after finishing both system i have created API to have connection between those 2 system. 

  • Technologies ive used: php, Laravel, wordpress, react, core-js, javascript, ajax, jQuery, CSS, html, Bootstrap, SaSS, MySql

Senior Web Developer 

Industry: Undisclosed

Mar 2018 - Aug 2018

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • I used to work on a trading platform, creating applications for forex lead generation, mailing systems, custom CRMs and hundreds of landing pages. 

  • Technologies ive used: php, laravel, node.js,, react, ajax, javascript, css, html, MySql.

Full-Stack Web Developer 

Industry: Software Development

Apr 2018 - Oct 2021

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Gave me really good experience with different technologies, different projects, clients from all over the world. 

  • Mostly my projects were php based but had chance to work with angular, nodejs even little bit .net. 

  • Most of my projects were bug fixing, adding new features to already excising websites but also had chance to create websites from scratch. 

Senior Web Developer 

Industry: Investment Management

Jan 2017 - Apr 2018

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Gave me the biggest experience as a developer. 

  • Ive created so far my The hardest project. Online trading platform. binary optins, forex and etc. i have built fully functional trading system with it's on CRM for leads, mt4 calculations and everything, payment gateway integrations. 

  • I was full stack developer so front and back both was done by me. 

  • Technologies ive used: PHP, Laravel, Node.js, react, HTML5, css3,, Sass, javascript, ajax, MySql.

Senior Web Developer

Industry: Undisclosed

Sep 2016 - Dec 2016

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Was working on a project called eduway. it was about universities. students could compare universities online and check all the information they needed before they started. 

  • Technologies ive used: php, html, css, html5, MySQL, Javascript

Web Developer

Industry: Advertising Services

Aug 2012 - Aug 2016

Tbilisi, Georgia

  • I have stated web development basics in this studio. it is an online marketing and web studio. ive been studying web development over a year. after finishing my course ive started to work in the this company. 

  • Had a chance to work with big companies like Audi. i was also teaching web development basics. ive work on many different projects. 

  • Main technologies ive used: PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, wordpress, javascript, jQuery, ajax, html, css, bootstrap, sass, less, MySql, Sqlite.


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