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SCSS Javascript WordPress HTML


Banking Saas(Software as a Service) Finance

Professional Summary

Candidate is an experienced WordPress Developer with 5 years of expertise in JavaScript, HTML, SCSS, Advanced Custom Fields, React, and Gutenberg. Their recent focus has been on leveraging WordPress for marketing purposes. At Asquared Agency, they specialized in utilizing WordPress as a headless CMS, with a primary focus on frontend development using React, JavaScript, and HTML. Their projects involved content management using WordPress while developing engaging user interfaces. Additionally, they have experience in configuring personal machines using Bash and Apache, although not in a server production capacity. Their background includes work in the banking and finance sector in Switzerland, demonstrating a diverse industry experience. Some notable projects they have worked on include Inyova, a banking platform, Shutterstock Blog as a Software as a Service (SaaS) project, and Sportplus in the entertainment and TV industry. They have also been engaged in project management roles alongside their WordPress development responsibilities. They are familiar with SaaS environments, showcasing adaptability to different development ecosystems. Overall, this candidate brings a strong blend of technical skills in WordPress development, frontend technologies, project management, and industry experience across banking, finance, and entertainment sectors, making them a valuable asset for companies seeking expertise in WordPress development and digital marketing strategies.

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Certifications and Trainings


Wordpress Developer / Insider.


Feb 2024 - Present

Istanbul, Turkey

WordPress Developer / Asquared Agency

Jun 2019 - Sep 2023

I worked on developing WordPress themes for clients and maintaining/improving their websites. I developed new themes, templates, sections and blocks using PHP, ACF Pro and core WordPress from Figma designs. I was the main contact our clients had with Asquared and I led the meetings with clients to understand their needs and came up with plans of action and solutions. Asquared Agency employs best practices in their WordPress development workflow and I am so glad to have worked here. I have gathered a great deal of information and experience regarding WordPress development, working with designers and other developers, speaking to clients, managing a project and generally how to develop a WordPress project start to finish. This was a crucial and valuable section of my career.

Projects I worked on at Asquared:

Shutterstock blog

  • I did a lot of maintenance work such as restyling, developing new sections, blocks and templates, extending functionality etc.

  • I also led the meetings with Shutterstock and managed the project for 2 years.

S Sport Plus

  • I have been contributing to this project since the beginning of it.

  • I developed ACF Procustom blocks, developed templates and integrated APIs.

  • After the project was completed I maintained the site for 2 years, adding new blocks and templates, fixing issues, and optimizing the website.

  • I also implemented performance and SEO improvements according to the reports provided to me by the client.

  • I led the meetings with Ssport for 3 years


  • This website was using an out of date plugin to insert content dynamically. I developed every section from scratch using ACF Pro custom blocks and core Wordpress templates.

  • Also designed and developed a new mega menu that didn’t exist previously.

  • I led meetings with Ekmob for a year

DAN | Digital Agency Network

  • This was the first project I worked on. I developed and styled a few sections and blocks.

  • After the project was completed I worked on maintenance tasks such as adding new blocks, restyling and performance optimization.

Wordpress Developer / DKND Law Firm

Freelance, Remote

Jan 2023 - May 2023

Istanbul, Turkey

  • I developed a brand new WordPress theme from the Figma design provided to me for my freelance client, DKND Law Firm


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