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WordPress Developer




Language skills

English B2

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Javascript WordPress react.js HTML SQL PHP CSS DNS


Software & Services Technology Information and Internet

Professional Summary

Candidate is a self-taught professional WordPress developer with a diverse background in software development. They started their career as a freelancer, gaining extensive experience before moving on to larger companies. Initially, they worked at an agency where they acquired foundational skills. Later, they joined a renowned domain registry and web hosting service, where they worked on various WordPress websites and developed internal tools and scripts to automate tasks for their team. Their skill set includes expertise in ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), Vue.js, and React.js. They are also proficient in using tools like Webpack and have experience setting up development environments. Overall, their journey reflects their adaptability, hands-on experience, and proficiency in WordPress development and related technologies.

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High School of Economics & Finance / High School Diploma

Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

Certifications and Trainings

  • 3D Programming with JavaScript and Three.js 3D Library / Udemy

  • Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid and Animations / Udemy

  • Wordpress Development / Cubes

  • Full Stack Web Development / IT OiP

  • Interactivity with JavaScript / University of Michigan

  • Front End Web Development / IT OiP


WordPress Expert II

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

Feb 2022 – Present

Belgrade, Serbia

  • Front-end changes/development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript);

  • Back-end changes/development (PHP);

  • Website speed optimization;

  • Solving database problems (SQL);

  • Developing internal tools in the form of Chrome extensions, Web apps, scripts, etc.;

  • Onboarding junior employees to the team, assessing performance, and providing feedback;

  • Writing confluence articles;

  • Daily usage of WP-CLI, Linux-CLI, DNS management, SSH/SFTP, pointing or re-connecting domains to specific hosting products, Sucuri Firewall configuration, Stage/Production sync, PHP version compatibility, PHP memory limits, CDN, Caching layers, etc.;

  • Assisting the Sales department with technical information;

  • Troubleshooting add-on services such as O365, Sucuri, etc.;

  • Adjusting/fixing server platforms to maintain website stability and uptime;

  • Taking ownership of problematic tasks/escalations with a focus on customer satisfaction and best judgment;

  • Helping and guiding the team on a day-to-day basis with various issues or assessments of the tasks; 

  • Tracking issues via the Jira ticketing system;

  • Maintaining the functionality of the official blogs

Frontend and WordPress Developer

Industry: Undisclosed

Aug 2021 – Feb 2022

  • As a Front-end and WordPress developer, I created mobile responsive and fully functional websites based on designs I received

  • Created WordPress websites based on the received Figma mock-ups

  • Created a part of the admin panel using Vue.js (Laravel website).

Web Developer


Jun 2020 – Aug 2021

  • Created my first HTML/CSS/JavaScript (static) and WordPress websites.


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