Meet out talent | Margalita Alieva

  • Name

Margalita or just Margot

  • Favorite quote

Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love. Yes, it's from Harry Potter:)

  • What do you do at Gegidze

I work here as a Partnerships Manager - the biggest part of my job is communicating with potential clients.

  • What is something [people in your industry/niche] have to deal with that you want to fix?

Usually, at any job that involves communicating, you sometimes have to deal with people who lack understanding. This is why we have to be very empathetic.

  • What do you like about working at Gegidze?

I really like the team here! Everyone is very friendly and helpful, it is encouraged to ask as many questions as you need if you don't understand something.

  • What are your credentials/past experience, for working in your position? - Before working at Gegidze.

I have mostly worked in Marketing and Social Media and have also worked as a copywriter for one NGO that fought for women's rights. That gave me a great understanding on how to communicate and work with people of different backgrounds.

  • what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Once I had to write a comic book for schoolgirls on gender inequality.

  • Your top 3 favorite movies?

Amelie, Lady Bird, The Grand Budapest Hotel

  • What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Reading books, drinking coffee or cocktails at nice cafes, drawing on my iPad.

  • What are 3 words that describe you.

Honest, positive, empathetic

  • What is the proudest moment of your life??

Probably when I got my bachelor’s diploma!

  • Any random facts you could share with us.

I speak 4 and a half languages, have an active TikTok account and addicted to children's books

  • Favorite travel spot.

Prague, Czech Republic

  • How do you define success.

Success is when you truly love what you do and make an impact in the community